Chongqing, weak old man closed 15 days to crack the world hardest sudoku problem (FIG.)

s play sudoku, 5 years age the monograph.

remember on July 2, the chongqing evening news published that sudoku puzzle? This sudoku, touted as the world’s most difficult problem, attracted a lot of master challenges. Jiangbei a 83 – year – old retiree, closed for 15 days, finally the solving out in the morning the day before yesterday.

play sudoku five years writing the book

this sudoku, touted as the world’s most difficult problem is a Finnish mathematician named by Carla spent 3 months of design, which is only likely to get the answer in the world the most clever mind. Is the most difficult is controversial, but it does make a lot of scratch broken head, and the city an octogenarian gives the answer until 4 o ‘clock yesterday morning.

the old man named Chen Jinkang, 83 – year – old retired is chongqing college (now chongqing liberal arts college), associate professor, director of the department of mathematics, research sudoku has five years, and also wrote a book. & other; In 2007, when I go to America to visit, to see the local newspapers published several games alone, try to play once, from now on ecstasy, also bought a lot of relevant books to read at home and abroad. Throughout the &; Don’t feel enough, age and himself wrote a quick break sudoku golden key, have just finished the manuscript. On July 2, the chongqing evening news 16 edition reprint a so-called world the hardest sudoku, age so moved a profound thoughts. & other; If the solution not to come out, I’ll book burning. Throughout the &; From 2 PM to 4 o ‘clock in the morning on the 17th, after 15 days, finally home and dry.

15 days retreat 128 fold to solve the problem.

& other; Every morning get up at half past six, the latest solution until 12 o ‘clock at night, and often insomnia. One night really can not sleep, get up half past three in the middle of the night to solution, 16 night feel began in earnest, and high-altitude stay up well. Throughout the &; Age of his wife at a side added with a smile, & other; I said at the time he, again so calculate down, topic didn’t do it, the body is first collapsed. Throughout the &;

& other; Is not a little boring, but very excited, the purpose is not the problem solving, in order to verify my algorithms in the manuscript. Throughout the &; Age is introduced, the first step to determine the first 128 possible filling method, one by one in order to try again, every possible and contain more likely, that is to say the actual computation is bigger, namely not only 128 kinds of algorithms.

chongqing evening news reporter saw, a several bag on the desk the chens obsolete topic, all made up. & other; Do more than 60 #, thought that the answer will come out, excitement, results or conflict, until 86 when a success! Throughout the &; Age, said his left eye with cataracts, right eye fundus damage: & other; Sometimes a flower, was wrong. Throughout the &;

the answer only is sudoku

evening news published this problem before long, many netizens have declared that they made answer, and there are a variety of solutions, not confusing. The so-called sudoku, just as its name implies, is every problem is only one solution. The chongqing evening news reporter take a closer look at these so-called correct answer, found that in fact many people don’t fully understand the rules of sudoku. Sudoku is by 3 & 9 times; 3 big scratchable latex of small scratchable latex for horizontal, vertical 9 each column 9 frames in each row, each palace (with coarse segmentation area), fill in 1 & ndash; 9 number, and cannot be repeated. To make a variety of answers, basically can meet the requirements of each house Numbers don’t repeat.

computer algorithms lose fun

, Yangtze evening news reported on July 2, later, a man named & other; Gkzhong” Netizens using computer program worked out the word sudoku, reportedly took 300 milliseconds. NieChongXia, 54, was born, to learn the computer audit currently at chongqing university, he also claims to work out the problem, write your own program, the operation takes 10 seconds, he said: & other; 300 milliseconds is unlikely, but not more than 10 seconds. Throughout the &; Now that so easy with a computer, why pesters? The net friend & other; Grayfox” Think, sudoku game from the beginning, is the paper and pencil calculations, can obtain the logic in the process of hands-on training, and thinking to the full. Application problem solving, lost the original meaning. Age also said: & other; Problem solving using computer programs, the only answer, no process, also found that the regularity, lost a lot of fun. Throughout the &;