Choose “XiuNv” qing dynasty palace real files: minimum 11 years of age has nothing to do with beauty (FIG.)

data figure: qing dynasty & other; Female talent & throughout; System is quite strict

in the qing dynasty imperial harem, up to the queen, next to the maids, are selected from eight banners woman. Eight banners, is unique to the qing dynasty. Therefore, from the eight banners women choose the system of the temple fair, is also unique in the qing dynasty.

qing MAO nuerhachi, in the process of unification of nuzhen created the eight banners system, the system is in the jurchen founded on the basis of the original hunting group, is the unity of military and political system, both administrative and military, production of various functions. With yellow, white, red, blue four color flags marked, composition with yellow, is set with white, with red, blue, yellow, white, red, blue eight banners. Such clear after entering the central plains, and there came of the eight banners and office coating difference between three flags. Eight banners including the eight banners in the eight banners in manchuria, Mongolia and han army eight banners, a total of 24 flag, this is the main pillar on which QingZhengQuan rule; Office coating three flag is the qing dynasty royal slave, the political status of both is different. So, although the eight banners and coating three flags at the beginning of the qing dynasty women called XiuNv, but choosing method and their position in the palace is also different. Eight banners XiuNv, choose once every three years, presided over by the fact that can be chosen for his concubines of, or given marriage clan (namely, consanguinity within three generations more closely) imperial clan; Three flag XiuNv coating, choose once a year, hosted by office, although some of them was gradually promoted to concubines, but bear the harem factotum, is the daughter of office coating. In the late qing dynasty, the persons to be the woman of the three flag no longer called XiuNv, but when choosing maid-in-waiting, it specifically & other; Introduced three flags throughout her maid & coating; . So, can be the qing dynasty empresses, mainly including XiuNv.

choose XiuNv purpose, in addition to enrich the emperor’s harem, is for the descendants of the royal family to marriage, or for prince, king county and their son married, importance is self-evident. XiuNv the tall wall to go into the Forbidden City, also is not so easy, must pass a series of investigation.

first of all, to strict censorship flag and age, the flag is not wants to join the NBA draft, potential than ascend day; In the flag of want to escape the draft, and ask for it. Shunzhi dynasty rule: every manchu, Mongol, han army sergeant ching officials, another door, idle males aged 14 to 16 years old woman in the home, must take the triennial alternative XiuNv, women over the age of 17 no longer attend. Five years (1740) further regulation, if such woman within the fixed number of year of rules did not participate in the optional reading because of a variety of reasons, the next is going to read. Without optional reading such woman, even more than 20 years old shall not hire without permission to marry also, if there is any violation, the highest executive officer of her flag & ndash; & ndash; The flag commander-in-chief to check, punished. Released in this regulation, however, in the second year, fujian and zhejiang governor DE repeatedly on a they wished, request the qianlong emperor allowed his 17-year-old son constant volunteers and the governor of guangdong marte daughter married, however, the daughter of marte has not participated in the draft. Fume with rage to the emperor qianlong, command of choice immediately rushed to the capital, face to face training even chi, at the same time stressed: & other; I the statute, the eight banners XiuNv, initiate saw the rear prospective employer will marry. In publicity, reason should be respect we would like to do. Almost see poems without saw XiuNv betroth betroth a girl, secretary, etc have a person to play it, have I favor YuYun, investigate and the system have no association. Saw the eight banners XiuNv, belonged to the king, may will pick fujin; If before without selecting the line side betroth a girl, not for the old, lax and responsibility of the man who could not play, or dare not to write, the daughter of Iraq have line betroth a girl to me because I don’t know, the other refers to the others, has a great relationship also. And eight banners XiuNv, in which 13 or 14 lines selected, there is no delay. Throughout the &; Here, the qianlong emperor plausibly said three reasons: first, once every three years the draft of the female is selected for the king and all prince wives, is not in order to enrich the harem yourself; Second, once for draft scattered by the marriage of others, also because failure to observe the & other I custom & throughout; , illegal earlier, is not the responsibility of the royal; Third, even if two years, three years in order to draft such as elected XiuNv also however 16 and 17, won’t keep her life. In the end, the emperor qianlong ordered & other; Decree of the eight banners of impassable, all without saw XiuNv, shall enter the private side first, must according to example saw the side again after married. Throughout the &; 20 years of qianlong (1755), the supplementary provisions again: should be read as XiuNv, before his specially-built chosen to side with imperial clan princes and Dukes, its parent home according to conceal XiuNv debate. As for running XiuNv age, according to the qing dynasty palace archives, to the end of the qing dynasty years, the smallest is eleven, big up to twenty years old.

every ready to choose XiuNv, first by the fact reporting the emperor, the capital, to immediately writing eight banners yamen, by the eight banners of grassroots officers at all levels will step by step a school-age girls’ roster report came up, the eight banners yamen summary, finally by the reports of the emperor, the emperor decided that reading date. Because of illness, disability, ugly and can’t really men, also must pass a submission step by step, stating reasons, by the commander-in-chief on client fact, fact played Ming emperor, get granted to persons of obligation, listen to the marriage itself.

XiuNv of each flag entry with a mule car in advance to the capital. Due to the numerous XiuNv have different family background, senators were there are vehicles, and hired by the soldiers of the home. Accordingly, when emperor qianlong regulation: & other; Look at the woman, regardless of the size of officials, soldiers, women’s, to admire the silver one or two per person, thought the carriage. & hellip; & hellip; The silver, & hellip; & hellip; The use of yaguan parilion. Throughout the &; XiuNv arrived in the capital, the day before into GongYingXuan, sitting on a mule cart, by the flags of led and led the push to arrange order, called & other; Line & throughout; According to the manchu, Mongol, han successively in the order. Relatives of the front palace empresses, followed by previously selected for the brand, the check of the woman, the last is the new entry XiuNv, respectively, in accordance with the age of sequence arrangement, filed bit tail, double car tree lights, & on the other; The daughter of a certain flag with collar so-and-so & throughout; Logo. Starting at sunset, night when entering the gates, to the creature off after waiting outside the door of the open, under the guidance of palace eunuch, enter the gate is her virginity in sequence. XiuNv the mule car ride from creature door way east and south, DongHuaMen, by the chongwenmen avenue north, the city of north street, and then the outside the gates came to the creature, then, is the second day noon. Finished primary XiuNv are outside the creature come on them in turn of mules car, each to his house. Is this kind of orderly line method, jiaqing years of a man named Dan ba of dhi Fu invention.