Chopra write 65 spiritual science books Had counseling Hillary Clinton and barack Obama

expensive India prophet chopra

deepak & middot; Chopra 65 – year – old wrote a 65 book on spiritual learning bestsellers, with spiritual teachers name the entertainment industry in the United States, and politicians come and go freely. He is happy to meet celebrities, and occasionally mentioned them

seen deepak & middot; Chopra, most will think he is handsome.

heard him & other; Throughout life course &; Lecture, will feel his quiet, gray hair, in recent years the new black-rimmed glasses, and when I speak English out of the thick cavity, India cannot but low speed conveys his sense of peace is impressive.

however, all of these are not his. He single-handedly, only in the mind tutor’s name in the United States entertainment industry, financial industry, academia and even the top political come and go freely.

this is chopra’s first trip to China, to listed on the new book “world wars, successively in Beijing, Shanghai and do two recommendation at home, and a number of business nature of the social party.

interview about sanlitun a Danish restaurant in Beijing, this is for the convenience of later chopra restaurant on the second floor of the banquet activities. Continuous high density arrangement lets chopra appear tired, but once in an interview with state, don’t worry is not slow, ready to answer. Although suggested a media only questions related to the book title, and don’t involve other problems. However, as long as there is a problem, chopra is not rejected.

he was obviously very satisfied outside misunderstanding of his age, and told the China news weekly, his great grandson was five years old. & other; I do look much younger. My physical age is 65, and psychological age is 25 years old. I read a book every day, write three to four books every year. Throughout the &;

Hollywood believers

in 1946, and India’s independence from British colonial rule, and the year before, chopra was born in a doctor’s family in new Delhi. My grandfather was a colonial army small officer, constrained by the medical level and facilities, when the heart of the western medicine can’t ease his pain, he will turn to ancient India & other; Ayurvedic & throughout; Therapy & ndash; & ndash; By adjusting diet, rest of body and mind to a state of healthy life.

after completion of early education chopra, like his father, to become a physician. In 1970, the 24-year-old chopra immigrated to the United States, and after three years in Massachusetts doctor qualification to the United States. In 1981, chopra with his wife in preliminary contact ayurvedic concept.

until 1985, in a lecture at harvard, the friend introduced attracts thousands of chopra couples met spiritual mentor maharishi, and through its guidance formal learning Indian ayurvedic health. Mach is known as the west & other; Indian holy & throughout; , & other; Transcendental meditation movement throughout the &; The originator. The maharishi, has often take part in NBC midnight shift talk show & other; The tonight show & throughout; .

in the meet that year, maharishi chopra published his first book on the theory of spiritual consciousness in the universe: quantum physics, evolution, brain and mind. From then on, chopra formal onto the road of spiritual science research, and won several titles in succession: American association members, clinical endocrine society members, assistant professor at northwestern university, Gallup senior research scientist. His spiritual books published, 65 have been translated into 30 languages are sold to all over the world.

in fact, the moral teacher this career as early as the end of the last century began to popular in western society. Chopra’s spiritual mentor maharishi, it had been a member of the band’s spiritual adviser.

the spiritual learning comes from Indian ayurvedic treatments. In the United States, not many people rely on studied spiritual to fame. India’s population in the United States has always been very few human being itself, only a few million people. The nonreligious initiated and spiritual learning, is to let in the American masses of Christianity for the church of England is difficult to take the initiative to accept. But in Hollywood glitz and insecure, it can easily find believers.

Lady Gaga meet chopra, is to see his book seven spiritual principles of success. & other; Probably around 2009, Lady Gaga a ring at my office in New York, told me that her distress, hope I can help her to analysis. Throughout the &; Chopra told the China news weekly “memories.

as & other; After the 85 & throughout; In America and Europe pop music days, & other; Miss enthusiasm & throughout; , Lady Gaga official debut in 2008, but 22. Its bold and edgy to dress up and sing the wind, in winning popularity at the same time, also controversial. Chopra says Lady Gaga then want to know, how to satisfy everyone’s expectations. & other; I think most people love her. I told her, and make your dream into the better music creation, will make everyone’s dream to create maximum value. Throughout the &;

chopra has not told newsweek China, he talk to Lady Gaga’s specific content, he how to make the young pop music star out of the confusion is unknown, but it was clear that exchange for Lady Gaga has played a positive role. She has told the media described the Indian doctor for her & other; The source of true inspiration & throughout; , said he and other Can always remind me of creation for the fans, feedback fate & throughout; .

any earlier meeting chopra, another American pop music legend, is Michael & middot; Jackson.

on June 25, 2009, Michael & middot; Jackson was found dead in his apartment. 48 hours before his death, he to get to know each other more than 20 years of spiritual teachers chopra phone message, which he also contact the last one.

& other; Unfortunately, until after his death, I just found out that his voice mail. He told me in his message, he liked his new song, also want to find the opportunity to let me listen to. Throughout the &; Chopra said to “China news weekly”.

when spiritual and leadership combines

personal doubt is can meet the career chopra, starting in 2004, he as an assistant professor, the Kellogg school at northwestern university in the United States opened courses & other; The spirit of leadership & throughout; , as the senior management of the property of the non-academic training courses.

in fact, this course also is a book of his name, chopra explains that she is not academic, just place for business manager, officer training, assistant professor title until now also is. & other; I only twice a year class, after class will also have students come to the signature. Throughout the &;

this research direction, leadership let he met many famous business. On the search engine, if the search his name, immediately can joint the gates, Clinton, such as a name, who was his coach.

& other; I’ve been to the White House for many times, President Clinton and President Obama is a good leader leadership. Throughout the &; He told the China news weekly, poking fun at Mr Obama’s problems, & other; President barack Obama’s compassionate, visionary, but the current conservative senate did not like him. People always think the President can do anything want to do, but I do not know the President is always surrounded by a group of selfish and. Throughout the &;

this explanation, chopra was with his analysis of the Lady Gaga: as influential people, does not intend to provide a comfortable support for all, at the same time to achieve your ideal also face dispute, even the solution depends on the inner strength.

but in Mr Obama’s problems, he also did not explain specifically how to deal with, just for the China newsweek said: & other; After this year’s presidential election, there is no the pressure term, Mr Obama can be more open. Throughout the &;

this is not new, a little attention to politics can be analyzed. Originally, chopra spiritual theory will pay more attention to world outlook, not the methodology.

chopra taught at northwestern university courses, tuition fees for more than $40000, but chopra says his only income is written in the book by & other; Throughout the color &; , but he always put the money in the business and the study of their spiritual foundation. & other; I don’t invest in saving money. My wife died, continue to enjoy my book royalties. The children are independent, don’t need my money. I only have $30000, to maintain daily operation. Throughout the &;

likes to show off the master

chopra’s new book by citic publishing house in the Chinese market of the world wars, the English title translation for & other; The battle of world view & throughout; , in fact, is spiritual and scientific debate between two kinds of world view.

the debater chopra and Leonard & middot; MengLuo dino, the latter is at the California institute of technology in British physicist, has worked with British physicist Stephen & middot; Hawking book “a brief history of time”, “great design”.

as it happens, chopra and MengLuo dino, as a representative of the spiritual learning and science both have their positions on the children’s books published. From this perspective, the two world view debate is present in the form of paper dialogue, but in readability, obviously it is easy to grasp.

and the origin of this book, are the two people are strangers to & other; Divine the future & throughout; Title at the California institute of technology in the auditorium in a TV debate. The debate, MengLuo dino purported & other; Head of the British association of skepticism throughout &; .

& other; Until the end of the debate of this book, nor who is absolutely the winner. Throughout the &; Chopra said to “China news weekly”.

chopra insist that many scientists are old, they accept the knowledge training is the theory of material, so they want to explain the material world.

to chopra controversy not only from the scientific community. The public also often have challenged his comments in the media.

on November 24, 2009, the White House to welcome to visit the United States, India’s prime minister, manmohan singh, couples personally cooking, by the President’s wife held & other; Green & throughout; The state banquet. That is Mr Obama took office early. The invitation letter is almost half of more than 350 people in the United States and India, including chopra couples.

chopra has accepted the media interview, on the day after return also wrote a blog more than 1000 words, describe the situation to meet the two heads of state, & other; President barack Obama, the state banquet (than I was hosted by President Clinton) specifications promoted. Throughout the &; Chopra also mentioned that the national public broadcaster NPR telephone interview him, ask & other; Why do people like me so weird is invited & throughout; .

look quiet chopra, high-profile place not only on this. He has been claimed to be the clintons’ spiritual teachers, some questions on the Internet, & other; This was not the clintons said, never just say so himself. Throughout the &;

chopra’s & other; The guests throughout the &; Appears to be limited to the left. In the United States, the right believe in Christianity, tend to be conservative, while the left is relatively easy to accept the multicultural, also more tend to subvert the traditional. At the turn of the century, the American time magazine has ranked & other; Throughout the 20th century one hundred heroes &; Chopra, made the list.

On August 20,

in the evening, cocktail party scene in Beijing sanlitun, chopra appear quiet and tired in the crowd. But whenever staff to introduce all kinds of color of skin of the reception guests, both sides politely greeting, a handshake.

the staff to introduce to China news weekly, the party is a temporary increase in activity. In the second day of the speech, there will be more than 60 business people spend 12000 yuan admission fee, listening chopra lecture on leadership. U

(interns Li Yi super contributed to this text)