“” chopsticks fork instead of chopsticks popular inventor: will solve the contradiction between China and western countries


brown innovation group in Salt Lake City in the United States, has invented a like chopsticks, and a new type of tableware (pictured), a bit like a fork. As soon as the product launch, by the vast number of consumers, some even said, this invention will help solve the contradiction between China and the west, to avoid a third world war.

according to the British “daily mail” website reported on April 12, new type named & other tableware; Chork” , consists of two parts, one part of view, is the modelling of the fork, but if the two parts together transferred to use, is a pair of chopsticks. One end of the chopsticks together, with a certain width between each other just is precise and convenient for the user to pick up the sushi and other food.

the invention can meet the different needs of all of China and the west diner, at the same time, can avoid table by placing too much tableware bring chaos. For beginners who just began to use chopsticks, this is a good choice when they practice the chopsticks skills. If you have complete control of chopsticks use method, it can be opened to use.

this product is still in trial stage, not sale. Tried were full of praise for it, think it is very convenient. & other; Awesome, now my husband can and I like to use chopsticks, in case of small food, he also can use a fork poking up. Throughout the &; After seeing such a netizen said. Writing articles for the invention of products often writer Kathy & middot; Chen said: even & other; This chopsticks fork may instead of giant pandas, for maintaining the angel of the u.s.-china relations between the two countries. Throughout the &;