Cixi an English lover? The Sir But think book publishing controversial


recently, an alternative book in both Hong Kong and Taiwan is hot, this is a book related to the queen mother secret love affairs, by the living in Beijing in late qing dynasty written by British, but think Sir. The queen mother and I. Reporters recently learned that the queen mother and I have been introduced, the public offering on the eve of books fair here. The book is an autobiographical memoirs, with the main shaft of the palace strange stories of the author, reveals the prince with a variety of love between minister, empresses, and maintain between the author and the empress dowager cixi in love for many years.

she has English lover, this is real? Stunning plot is the UK but think jazz in knowledge? To solve these problems, our reporter interview illustrate experts and translators.


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legendary author:

British jazz Beijing hermit

the queen mother and I are eamon DE & middot; Baron, but think written died in 1944 before a manuscript, write a young handsome, 29, exotic, and power in a 67 – year – old kingdom of queen mother love. Continent famous writer lianke after reading the book, even call & other; The writing! The writing! Throughout the &; But others accused the & other; A planned and step-by-step fabricated evidence, ripoff & throughout; And completely corrupt public morals.

this book translator Wang Xiaoge introduction, eamon DE & middot; , however, was born in Yorkshire in 1873 the city of Richmond, ancestors are once celebrated quick family. But thought is the eldest son, from baron, to attend the university of Oxford. In 1898, however, came to Beijing, he is a language genius, in addition to native speakers of English, proficient in Japanese, Latin, Russian, Chinese, manchu and Mongolian languages, such as soon as The Times and the translation of the British foreign office. In 1903, the qing government promoted him as imperial university (later Peking University), professor of law and literature. A year later became a British foreign office commissioner.

, but think of friends describe his eccentric personality, charm, mostly seen him say he talk funny. But he is a hermit. He lived in Beijing for 45 years, away from the embassy district protection, dress and habits completely Chinese style, resist to deal with the foreigners, avoiding contact with westerners.

in January, 1944, 71 – year – old, but thinks, died in Beijing. Last year, friends in the Swiss He Puli funding, the doctor, however, in the form of a memoir written in Europe the young age of the past is gone and living in China in late qing dynasty. The queen mother and I. But due to factors such as war, combined with the highly controversial content, makes it hard for manuscript is published, He Puli will more copies of the manuscript, points to the British museum in London, the national library of Paris, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts, harvard college library in the United States. He died in 1973, a friend to the manuscript but scarlett had loved was the Byrd at Oxford University’s library.

in 2007, Beijing television station “science review program, deputy director of the Beijing museum library to first revealed the dowager had lasted six years of international relationships.

the report of Beijing TV station, people’s attention to eamon DE & middot; But think of this man.

“the queen and I” literary value is greater than the historical value

dialogue translation Wang Xiaoge & ndash; & ndash;

“the queen and I” literary value is greater than the historical value

guangzhou daily: what are the difficulty in the process of the translation of the book?

Wang Xiaoge: the author is a rare language genius, the entire original works in the English language is French, Latin, Greek, Japanese, Russian, and even a native Chinese. Even more amazing is that he is not a superficial understand, he in several languages allusions, follow one’s inclinationsly between shifts, national history, allusions, anecdotes, anecdotes, and want to know what the book was written in 1943, the author is already a 71 – year – old at the time, without any reference materials, more without Internet and search engine all write from memory and not breathtaking. Of course, it also brought great difficulty to translation. This book is with the help of an American editor, all languages into English first (with the exception of the original Chinese), and then translated into Chinese by me. In order to and the corresponding to the primitive simplicity of the original, I spent half literary and half vernacular language.

guangzhou daily: what do you think as a translator of author’s life in China?

Wang Xiaoge: brilliant period in one’s career, but thoughts are in 1910, in 1910, however, with The Times brand co-authored book of China under the rule of queen mother, published shortly after popular in the world. The book for the first time in a particular field of vision, to show the readers the history of the last imperial power ruler, empress dowager cixi and the crumbling of the qing dynasty under the rule of her image. The following qing dynasty perish, the author’s heyday. Think with the brand and co-author “memoirs of a Beijing court, popular in academia.

but thought died in January 1944. He was supposed to bring people respect to silence. Didn’t think British historian Hugh & middot; Trevor & middot; Roper and apprehension. In 1976, trevor & middot; Roper published the hidden life: eamon DE & middot; Sir, but think the mystery (after reprint, instead more known as “Beijing hermit”). Accuse the book but think planed and orderly way fabricated evidence, ripoff, his work is a self-closing gay pornographic imagination, is he & other; The warping of sexuality throughout the last out & depressed, . With the publication of the “Beijing hermit”, eamon DE & middot; , but thought, and all he did to the Chinese academic thrown into fashion. He became a YanWen unofficial history in history, a porn jokes. Not to mention after years of trevor & middot; Roper coined “diary”, because its academic reputation and authority of dubious, but with only one opinion, will write off all of the book value, may isolate.

guangzhou daily: how to understand the dowager and the author’s love affairs?

Wang Xiaoge: for this book, mainly focus on two points, one is & other; False & throughout; , one is & other; Porn & throughout; . On these two aspects, I think you can understand like this:

for the correctness of the materials involved, it is difficult to use a word true or false completely summarized. His love affair with the empress dowager cixi is possible, but it is frequent, so fierce, but it is not clear how; He describes the significant historical facts, such as the death of the empress dowager cixi and emperor guangxu, there might be element of hearsay, but his description of royal nobles, community life, nuanced.

perhaps composition of this book are fictional, but accusing the author deliberately fabricate, language not astonishing die endlessly, ripoff is an injustice. Want to know the author from 1908 to his death in 1944, after the death of cixi seclusion in Beijing for nearly half a century, seclusion, rarely with people. If want to ripoff, in these forty years, how many opportunities, why wait until the last lingering his dying?