“Clay figurine zhang” from fire astronaut liu Yang statue expression distinct (FIG.)

done firing liu statue look realistic.

China’s first female astronaut liu Yang into space, smooth return, exciting. A few days ago, this newspaper reported Pan Bailin and Beijing arts and crafts masters of arts and crafts master of China, & other Clay figurine zhang & throughout; Heir Steven zhang liu teamed up to build a statue for news, yesterday, the reporter comes to Pan Bailin master studio, found that this statue has been officially completed. Statue, liu wearing a spacesuit, determined and confident smile. Pan Bailin said, hope will complete the statue of fire to liu Yang, guangdong technology fine arts on her respects.

the reporter learns at the same time, July 24, Pan Bailin ceramics exhibition will be opened in Beijing, & other; Will display works of more than 70 sets, liu statue will be on display for the first time. Throughout the &; Pan Bailin said, & other; Folk customs & throughout; , & other The impression of age & throughout; Series such as will appear. & other; Through these works show the diversity of shiwan gongzai, let more people know SAN shek wan, SAN shek wan pottery. Throughout the &; It is understood that the exhibition for 12 days, held in Beijing grand hotel. After the opening ceremony will be held Pan Bailin ceramic art seminar.

era in the development of the subject matter of the ceramist is more and more life, more and more close to the citizens. Pan Bailin statue of liu Yang, is the representative. Pan Bailin said, they decided to liu Yang statue, start looking for information, & other; Just heaven, little information, and television pictures are dynamic, not as a reference. Throughout the &; When trouble two masters for reference, the picture in the newspaper to attract their attention, on the photo, liu wearing a spacesuit, determined and confident smile. & other; The most representative, decided to take the photo for reference. Throughout the &;

fire completed statue of liu Yang, color is very soft, Pan Bailin introduction, is inferior smooth glaze, it is different from common glaze, the glaze is soft, not reflective, not too dazzling. His wish is to hope in the name of foshan, send a statue to liu Yang, to promote positive spirit. (reporter kai, Liao Yinjie)