Close to wang ching-wei assassin when 1 years as a journalist insider disclosed confidential letters exposure

at 9:30 a.m. on November 1, 1935, hunan road, the kuomintang centre area of the heavily fortified sounded three shock ear of gunfire, the national government executive President and foreign minister fell. Assassin is based on the morning news agency reporter name entry xuzhou tongshan cadastral soldiers Sun Fengming, also after the assassination of gun is tackled, died the next day.

in xuzhou city tongshan district archives, holds a variety of related historical materials. With piercing Sun Fengming posterity with wang event organizer and the only survivor & ndash; & ndash; Wark of correspondence about this event. More letters revealed the thorn wang seemed.

thorn wang gunners grandson of

now lives xuzhou tongshan

in xuzhou city tongshan district archives, there is a type 51 peck the fountain pen is made in the us, there is a thick stack of letters.

this is the fountain when soldiers Sun Fengming assassination of wang ching-wei, as the morning news agency reporter when the closest thing in the world, also is the only relic. Before income archives, which belongs to the quotation area small yellow town village, the villagers da-lin sun zygote, his grandfather’s assassination of wang ching-wei Sun Fengming. Da-lin sun is now past sixty, he told reporters that this pen is the transfer of wark of myself. Stab wark was the morning of the founder of the agency, wang events of the director, the sole survivor of the assassination of wang ching-wei organization. This pen is actually Sun Fengming join news agency, gave Sun Fengming wark, Sun Fengming again in the day before he left the assassination of wang ching-wei this pen to wark.

and how precious letters, is Sun Fengming died, its Sun Sun chose with wang’s survivors wark of correspondence. These letters to restore a & other; A strong man to xi too & throughout; The solemn and stirring historical facts.

the yangzi evening news reporter saw the thorn in many data in tongshan zone archives wang on the day of the news reports. During the sixth plenary session of the kuomintang (KMT), four opening ceremony is finished, the people at the entrance to the first chamber photography, meanwhile the assassination attempt. Sun Fengming is the identity of the morning news reporters to attend the meeting, he took advantage of the personnel crowded order when in photography, shot in wang ching-wei. Because a lot of media at the scene, including the central daily, “the declaration”, “da gong bao,” central news agency “and so on media reporters have made detailed reports as witnesses. In the report, you can see, wang ching-wei all three shots. Among them, his left arm in a gun, a gun left cheek, a bullet hit back in the spine, the shrieks of wang ching-wei fell, the scene of chaos. Venezuela thrown around poetry Sun Fengming, will be kicked his gun, wang ching-wei guards, Sun Fengming gun captured on the spot.

according to historical records, in nine years later, in 1944, wang ching-wei for Sun Fengming to assassinate remain in the spine of the poisoning of bullets, died in Nagoya, Japan.

thorn wang event panorama present

before and after the assassination of three times

according to da-lin sun, before the assassination, from eldest brother married without children Sun Fengming will then to son (namely da-lin sun’s father), to take refuge in Hong Kong.

wark in the letter, he said to the posterity of Sun Fengming, your grandfather is holding the die was determined to kill the wang ching-wei. After he was knocked down, the soldiers from him only found hexagonal HaoYang and can be used as a suicide in an opium smoking gun, it looks like after taking down a more, shows that he had determination to death.

da-lin sun also often communicate with the wark in the letter. In 1987, in a letter of wark with da-lin sun about the action plan. Before and after their assassination target is the kuomintang leaders, a total of three times.

is the first time in December 1934, the kuomintang (KMT), four the fifth plenary session held in nanjing, then Sun Fengming armed interview for the first time, because of the crowd, politicians, hurried out to assassinate failed to grab.

is the second in the spring of 1935, the kuomintang (KMT) in jiangxi lushan presided over an rotc, wark out before, but to give up good for cover.

Third is Sun Fengming

in the middle of the nanjing kuomintang party kill wang ching-wei. Said in the letter of wark, Sun Fengming assassination of wang’s incident was decided after many research.

person & ndash; & ndash;

Sun Fengming implementation assassination is why?

so, why the assassination is Sun Fengming shots? In the letter of da-lin sun and wark and wark with a local researchers to study the history of this period of assassination Dong Yao exchange, the yangzi evening news reporter found out the venation of those.

& have spent

Sun Fengming formerly known as feng-hai sun, was born in 1905, because home poverty, he has only a few months on DongXue (a kind of mass education in anti-japanese period), 16 years old to go out to make a living, in the national revolutionary army. In the 19th LuJunZhong, by his soldiers to the monitor, the platoon leader, agency company commander. Wark said in the letter, meantime, Sun Fengming brilliantly practice marksmanship, but & other; With & throughout; . Because in the military news of the kuomintang (KMT), foreign not resistance, but focus on the internal war, Sun Fengming and several young determined to aim at the kuomintang dignitaries.

Dong Yao served as director of tongshan county people’s political consultative conference literature and history, had to assassinate the communication of events and wark too much. He told reporters, wark, Sun Fengming, He Po light, mysteries and others often in rental housing, who call themselves “the dangerous) to talk about current affairs in communicate.

Sun Fengming determined, insisted that carries a sword chong jing ke, he said superb shooting for assassin is most important, to persuade others. Finally, we consider the Sun Fengming thought, morality, sentiment, courage is relatively more prominent, decided to their wishes.

bedding & ndash; & ndash;

to set up agency close to wang ching-wei

so, how should be close to the target? In order to mrs.vidian news, & other; Dangerous person & throughout; Determined to form a news agency, and will be Sun Fengming into a good reporter. Then, in November 1934, a called & other; Throughout the morning news agency &; The brand, hanging in the nanjing lu xiang 23.

Dong Yao told reporters & other; At that time, the morning news agency, a small central news agency said, a minor celebrity. Throughout the &; In this way, after more than half a year’s time, Sun Fengming in everyone’s help, already can be independent in and out of the body, to interview, exchange and attend all kinds of conference.

Dong Yao told the yangzi evening news reporter, after an unsuccessful twice, & other; Dangerous person & throughout; The targeting the sixth plenary session of the kuomintang in 1935 four. Wang action on the same day, wark in the start will be a Spanish six small revolver to Sun Fengming rung.

details & ndash; & ndash;

Chiang’s instructions to revive Sun Fengming

in wark with da-lin sun, he once mentioned that after shot down wang ching-wei, panting said to Chiang kai-shek, & other; Mr. Jiang, you probably see, today after I die, will you alone are responsible for. Throughout the &; Wang ching-wei wife Chen Bijun catch Chiang said: & other; Why can you not to Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang, according to send someone down this? Throughout the &;

& have spent

, according to researcher Dong Yao was unknown so Chiang kai-shek become angry from embarrassment, said must stay alive ask a clear, so that its innocence. So he want to must strive to rescue Sun Fengming. The doctor ordered to injection in the arm, an hour is helpless Sun Fengming had died of heart, eventually died, just thirty years old.

Sun Fengming wife was arrested after the incident, strong-willed personality she suffered not vomit a word, the final die game. And original plot the assassination of others, have been arrested and has been arrested more than 40 people, including more than 10 people were killed. Only the anonymity of wark dodged a bullet.

legends and truth & ndash; & ndash;

Sun Fengming origin was once a mystery

letters to uncover the truth

Dong Yao said, at that time because nanjing authorities always find no light in the morning news agency’s background, identity and origin about Sun Fengming also became a mystery. Stab at the time of wang events there are three rounds, one is the assassination of wang ching-wei is the communist party’s command assassination; The second is the contradiction between Chiang kai-shek and wang ching-wei lead to Chiang kai-shek party to kill; The three veteran flag is the kuomintang authorities Li Jishen etc people plotting to assassinate.

these claims, with the morning news agency, people have been destroyed and dead men tell no tales.

however, in the letter to Sun Fengming later generations of wark, wark for the assassination of the motivation of wang ching-wei and the nature of the assassination is already out.

wark in the letter of introduction, the assassination of wang ching-wei was the patriotic behavior of spontaneity, these people don’t have any tissue, just because patriotic, see the Japanese invasion, but not the kuomintang co-operation policy, therefore decided to concept, through to devote himself to facilitate the kmt-cpc cooperation.

he said to da-lin sun in the letter, it is different from in the history of all sorts of assassination, because this is not to bring a personal action. & other; It happened in & lsquo; Just a little & middot; Nine & rsquo; Before the student movement, has played a prompt people’s awakening, insist on against civil war, the requirement of unity of anti-japanese, your grandpa Sun Fengming is really the anti-japanese patriotic hero. Throughout the &;


half a century later

Widely circulated his heroic deeds

now in xuzhou city tongshan OuDeHuang town, yellow set Xu Feng road on the north side of the disc, there is a pine and cemetery, surrounded by small size, but solemn seriousness. Here is the Sun Fengming tombs built in the 1980 s. Before this, Sun Fengming this person, not known in the local.

& have spent

in the letter of da-lin sun, Yangtze evening news reporter saw, there are a lot of time, the letter was signed & other; Jian-liang zhang & throughout; . Da-lin sun told reporters that jian-liang zhang’s previous & other; Huake throughout the &; And later renamed jian-liang zhang after into the department of homeland security.

as the sole survivor of thorn wang events, wark wrote in the letter to da-lin sun, are not to find the posterity of Sun Fengming as soon as possible, because over the years of turmoil. In the wang incident, the kuomintang (KMT), on the morning news agency launched a hunt and kill, bounty of wark, bounty from fifty thousand yuan to one hundred thousand yuan. As an organizer of thorn wang action, a preacher of wark, anonymity, narrowly survived.

according to wark described in the letter, after the liberation he had served in the ministry of public security of the priests, the Pan Hannian case involved in prison after 22 years, until after rehabilitate rehabilitated, began looking for Sun Fengming home and their loved ones.

to build Sun Fengming cemetery thing is implemented under the efforts of wark. Since then, the deeds of Sun Fengming in xuzhou tongshan widely circulated.