Cloud pastoral? Invitational exhibition of contemporary famous artists, the famous profile

Zhang Zuying resume

Zhang Zuying was born in Shanghai in 1940. In 1963 graduated from the fine arts department of Shanghai theater academy stage, the central academy of fine arts in 1980, a senior oil painting workshop completion. Researcher at the China art research institute, China oil painting society, vice chairman of the China national academies oil painting institute vice President and secretary general, deputy director of the quo zi jian oil painting gallery. Oil painting art committee secretary general of the former China national arts association, the Chinese art newspaper, vice President, deputy editor. In 2004 by European humanistic art academy of sciences awarded the visiting academician.

Zhang Zuying zhuoma cmx130cm world – 160-2007

since 1972 engaged in painting creation and research work. Works were selected to successive national large exhibition of fine arts, who won the honor, to create the first prize, second prize, etc., some works submitted by the state of the third Eurasian art, Asian art, as well as in the United States, Canada, Kuwait, India and Singapore and other countries and Hong Kong. Has organized & quot; Zhang Zuying oil painting exhibition & quot; , & quot; Portrait painting – Zhang Zuying & quot; & quot; Eight people in China oil painting exhibition & quot; , & quot; Twenty people of Chinese oil painting exhibition & quot; Solo exhibition or exhibition. In 1987, 1988, presided over twice on behalf of the Chinese artists in Japan & quot; The Chinese modern oil painting exhibition & quot; , & quot; Chinese contemporary oil painting exhibition & quot; And related academic activities. Invited to traveled to the United States in 1992 and art exchange, successively in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mr Kamal, held a personal exhibition of oil painting. Representative works include “entrepreneurial suffered more difficult”, “years” trail series – last quarter “echo” the young woman wearing a grey skirt of the white girl “dream home” “soul mountain” the Uighur blacksmith amir “?! Mongolia Mongolia “roams about the entertainer” “self-portrait” zhuoma world “and so on. Some works by the Chinese art museum, national museum of China, museum, the ministry of culture, Beijing artists association and collectors at home and abroad, the social institutions such as collection. Work has been into the Chinese oil painting: 1870-1985 “in Chinese contemporary oil painting” “China complete works of art oil painting” portrait of Chinese oil painting art one hundred “the 20th century Chinese oil painting” and other national large album and by a variety of important professional newspapers and comments. Since 1987, successive national painting highest academic award & quot; Chinese oil painting art prize & quot; Chevalier. Biography is Cambridge international celebrity biography center (IBC) and the American institute of international celebrity (ABI), international contemporary celebrity in achievements and biographies dictionaries and other three who’s who.

published papers and works include: “the rise of new realism oil painting in China” “thinking about the present situation of Chinese modern oil painting portrait of Chinese oil painting art” in one hundred, the Chinese oil painting need to set up their own evaluation standards on the independent development road of Chinese oil painting, the Chinese national spirit and the realistic oil painting and so on dozens of articles, published books are: the album: Zhang Zuying scenery “Zhang Zuying oil painting collection” album: Chinese artists – Zhang Zuying, editor to participate in national key project “the 20th century Chinese oil painting” six copies (three volumes), picture album, album: Chinese people – JinShangYi the up and down the river – a collection of Chinese oil painting exhibition “in the new period, and other major exhibition brochures, a total of more than 20 kinds.

wang profile

wang works “life”

wang, in October 1958, was born in Inner Mongolia tooth stone city, a job in July, 1975, 1994 and 1999, ren zhalantun normal school principals, party secretary, from 1999 to 2011 of hulun buir college, vice secretary of party committee, deputy dean, dean, secretary of the party committee. Social functions for the hulunbuir city committee and standing director of China’s higher education to learn photography education branch, honorary President of Inner Mongolia photographers’ association, Inner Mongolia, hulun buir city, vice President of the higher education to learn photography education branch of photographers’ association honorary chairman.

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Long Liyou description

was born in xiangtan, hunan province in 1958; Bachelor degree graduated from oil painting department of the central academy of fine arts in 1984, received a bachelor’s degree; Graduate students graduated from oil painting department of the central academy of fine arts in 1987, received a master’s degree; China academy of art China oil painting institute, the national level artists, master tutor. Since 2005, year after year to participate in the Chinese realistic painting exhibition; Works by the Chinese art museum and other agencies and private collections at home and abroad.

Long Liyou “the golden time of pasture – oil on canvas – 101 x76cm – 2008

Winning entries

in April 2010 work “the wind gone with the wind milk incense” won the “research and beyond – the 2nd China oil-painting exhibition slightly excellence award;

2009 works “fitting” to participate in the 11th national arts exhibition, won the nomination;

in May 2008 to participate in large oil paintings of the blood may & middot; 2008 relief silent creation, times art museum, by the ministry of culture award;

work “and” 2004 & other; The 10th national art exhibition & throughout; Won the honorable mention;

in June 2004 to commemorate the one hundred and tenth anniversary of the activities, was awarded the first prize for artistic achievement and works;

“Reading” the

2003 to attend & other; The third session of Chinese oil painting featured exhibition & throughout; National art museum of China, the Chinese oil painting art award;

in April 2001 individuals into contemporary Chinese talent pool, was named & other; Throughout a cross-century talents &; ;

1994 works good force fort in the early morning to participate in the 94 new cast league cup of traditional Chinese painting, oil painting exhibition, which won the bronze medal.

1994 works good fort force of the distance to attend the second session of Chinese oil painting exhibition, national art museum of China, was awarded a prize of excellent oil painting art;

1993 works good force at evening to participate in the 93 Chinese oil painting biennale, national art museum of China, won the academy award;

compilation in December 1991, the world literary classics “marriage of figaro” comic strip series, won the China excellent art books special gold award; The fifth world Chinese books award; The fourth world won the first prize in the national comic books;

1989 works stands behind a fence at the woman in the 7th national arts exhibition, national art museum of China, won the bronze medal.

work cloud of grassland in 1985 to participate in the international year of youth arts exhibition, national art museum of China, won the third prize;

published personal album

the Long Liyou & middot; the system of Chinese modern and contemporary art painting volume ya chang & middot; “Art of China” series of library in January 2009, jilin art publishing company

the Chinese realistic painting & middot; Long Liyou “in December 2008, jilin art publishing company

“beginning” of contemporary Chinese painting and calligraphy masters works – Long Liyou people’s political consultative conference, a newspaper published (national & other; The two sessions & throughout; Print) on March 16, 2008

the Chinese oil painting masters HuaKu – Long Liyou sichuan fine arts publishing house in July 2007,

the Chinese contemporary artists painting boutique series – Long Liyou tianjin yangliuqiu painting club in January 2001,

“the famous high-quality goods Long Liyou – grassland custom – oil painting” sichuan fine arts publishing house in June 1999,

“China famous sketch series – Long Liyou sketch” tianjin people’s fine arts publishing house in July 1994,

& have spent

ChaoGe profile (at leather)

was born in 1957 in Hohhot, Mongolia. Graduated from oil painting department of the central academy of fine arts in 1982, and hold a bachelor’s degree. Director of China oil painting association, member of China artists association, the central academy of fine arts professor, emeritus professor of repin academy of fine arts in Russia.

ChaoGe works the Y10


in 1994 the second China oil painting exhibition & other; Chinese oil painting art prize & throughout;

new casting league cup in 1994 Chinese oil painting exhibition honorable mention

izzy international biennale in 1999 Paris, France jury award bonus

2004 & other; The China central academy & throughout; Prize of excellent works of oil painting

in 2005 won the second & other; Contemporary Chinese landscape painting, landscape oil painting exhibition & throughout; Oil painting art prize

in 2006 was awarded a prize of 2006 China contemporary art exhibition of literature

2007 Chinese oil painting in 2007 the highest academic achievement award for wu zuoren art (plastic arts prize)

the fourth Italy in three thousand & 2007 other Throughout the international &;

published personal album

“Chinese modern art taste series — ChaoGe”

the Chinese classic sketch books – ChaoGe sketch “

the Chinese painter – ChaoGe

the famous paintings – ChaoGe works

“Chinese contemporary artist sketch manual — ChaoGe sketch”

“in Chinese contemporary oil painting masters case study – ChaoGe”

the Chinese contemporary artist HuaChuan — ChaoGe “

“standing in the highlands to the spirit – ChaoGe”

the classic rebirth – ChaoGe>