Coca-Cola in China: Coca-Cola in the 1930 s female star advertisements

Coca-Cola in the 1930 s female star advertising

in May 1980, the 20-year-old Zhang Shoujun ended in Beijing shunyi district Li Qiao commune in career, delighted returned home to located the exhibition road. Bent forward to street agency inform assigned Zhang Shoujun don’t know what is waiting for him is a job. Days, waiting for distribution Zhang Shoujun felt from the language of the people in the street and in some strange smell, he vaguely know these changes and & other Reform and opening up throughout the &; The country’s decision-making.

about three months, informed Zhang Shoujun street office, told him to go to a food processing plant interview called grain and oil import and export company in Beijing. Because had won at the county level advanced educated youth when to jump the queue, and strong, he soon got the report of the notice of foreign trade enterprises. At this point, Zhang Shoujun heard for the first time & other; Coca-Cola & throughout; This uncommon words. Intuition tells him, & other; Coca-Cola & throughout; Should be his to participate in the production of chocolate candy.

this year in September, Zhang Shoujun power arrived at the factory, workers began his career. Entered the gate, workshop equipment is quite new, to his surprise, the original & other; Coca-Cola & throughout; Is not chocolate candy, but a soda from the United States. This to jump the queue is chicken pig farm every day, have never seen a foreigner Zhang Shoujun, that’s too fresh. So, 20 Zhang Shoujun decided to work well, there must be great in future. He didn’t expect this head buried passion let him for 30 years.