Collect ethos gradually into a bottle of rare old liquor can be a person of extraordinary powers curtilage

maotai blue and white porcelain

in the mainland market, rare aged liquor in the auction market gradually entered the mainstream. Last April, auction of a bottle of han emperor in guizhou maotai to clinch a deal for 9.968 million dollars. This year Beijing Goethe spring bottle of guizhou maotai (five-star) clinch a deal valence also reached 4.945 million yuan. It is no exaggeration to say, a bottle of aged maotai is relatively scarce, the price is worth a person of extraordinary powers curtilage.

in the last month on the fifth session of the Hong Kong international wine of ceremonies, the financial secretary John tsang said Hong Kong SAR government, the SAR government announced to cancel the wine import taxes since 2008, Hong Kong wine imports from $200 million in 2007 to $2011 in 1.2 billion. Today, Hong Kong has become the world’s largest wine auction center, auction is total about $230 million last year. And liquor in the mainland, collects gradually into the ethos, widening the circle.

Hong Kong wine collection hot

& other; Open a bottle of 1982 lafite & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; This often in the works of many film and television & other; Flaunt wealth & throughout; The highway to success will be the packaging for luxury goods. However, according to incomplete statistics, in the first half of this year, the five traditional wine auction & ndash; & ndash; AM& C,,, Christie’s and sotheby’s and Hart Davis Hart wine sales fell to $160 million, a drop of 25%. Among them, lafite prices continue to decline, classic year as in 2000 and 2005 year, fell more than 25% from last year’s mid-term peak. Buyers to shift attention from bordeaux level down zhuang, begin to pay close attention to the fame of low estate, and other famous wine region, such as Burgundy and rhone, California. Statistics show that Hong Kong still dominates the global wine auction market, five big auction houses 47% of trading volumes in Hong Kong, the United States accounted for 35%, European 18%. In contrast, the mainland pat on field more and more rare French wine, rare aged liquor is bullish. Many industry insiders said, if the same red wine imported from France, auction in Hong Kong don’t have to pay tax, and to enter the mainland need to pay 40% more luxury tax, make some agencies but gave up this & other Chicken ribs & throughout; .