Collectables – autograph collection is born “new species” sculpture of 1.5 mm points more than ten layers (figure)

thin gold nan anaglyph December to figure, “& other; According to the lunar calendar in May & throughout; Local figure

article/photo yangcheng evening news reporter Xu Yue

treasure map

in one thousand of & other; The monarch wood & throughout; Gold nan do sculpture, but also carved in just 1.5 mm deep carved out of a dozen layer design, can have what effect? Zhongshan five sleep lent are being held in guangdong museum & other Static wood clear edge & ndash; & ndash; Thin gold nan embossment art & throughout; And to show its won the highest prize in China technology fine arts & ndash; & ndash; & other; Hundred flowers awards & throughout; The charm of the gold medal.

in the 350 – year – old gold-rimmed nanmu carved

natural born a tapestry of golden light, it is the biggest characteristic of gold-rimmed nanmu distinguish from other wood, to make it naturally has an exquisite jardine matheson, the mooring however DuanJing expensive gas.

the thin gold nan anaglyph December to figure by lang shining the emperor of the qing dynasty palace painting in December to figure “based on that show is 4 years, reciprocating the alternation of climate change and the object. All based on the 350 – year – old old gold-rimmed nanmu. More rare is, the 12 boards are taken from the same tree, but also no scar knot.

these are for ten thousand yuan for the numeraire gold-rimmed nanmu, five sleep lent master yeeli hua zheng xing is according to tons back many years ago, & other; Is after building demolition recycling more, also be regarded as a kind of protection, or the locals will be as a wood fire throughout the &; . And was selected as a carrier of the thin reliefs, gold-rimmed nanmu, & other; First of all, it has one thousand years of features, the most suitable for carving fine handed down from ancient times; Secondly it compact and mild, suitable for work; The third is its texture is very fine, warm. With exquisite thin relievo, rendering the elegant like a flowing throughout the aesthetic interest and serene quiet &; .

thin relievo & other; Knife knife thrilling & throughout;

the thin gold nan relief December to figure the non-intervening Lu Xiaohua is very famous zhejiang dongyang thin relief technician, he told the yangcheng evening news reporter: & other; Old thin relief see more embroidery somebody else that flatters the door plank of door of decoration, like this sculpture works of art or individual initiative. Throughout the &; Many people think stereo sense is very carve the most difficult, in fact, the only 1.5 mm engraving depth on carving out a dozen layer pattern, thin relief takes more effort.

about the creative process, Lu Xiaohua use & other; Knife knife thrilling & throughout; To describe, because of thin relief engraving depth is too thin, not a knife. A window matchbox size of carve patterns or designs on woodwork, a technician to engrave a week. And the blueprint of the journal in December to figure is silk scroll claborate-style painting, into a thin relief language is a technical problem. Therefore Lu Xiaohua try to traditional Chinese realistic painting techniques combined with freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting techniques, and into the jade carving, root carving, bamboo and other traditional carving craft, distant mountains swept gently, house ambiguously, at the same time with the texture of wood carvings, and bold on screen layout increased white space, more add days highland wide, long mountain water far brush. On the processing of single grain in water, 12 thin relief embodies 12 different water lines.

collectables – autograph collection will have greater future explore space

amount in the just-concluded Beijing spring, a group of & other; Spring, summer, autumn and winter & throughout; Thin gold nan relief four hanging panel for the price of 6.9 million yuan.

there are specialising in collectables – autograph class players said, in the field of collectables – autograph class collection, the collection more favour old traditional craft and aesthetic temperament and interest, reflect contemporary craft elegant collectables – autograph. Thin gold nan relief, also represents the future of collectables – autograph collection will have more space and value.


high thin relief technician, please

& other; The arts and crafts industry is very impetuous, everyone make broken head review master, many & lsquo; Husband and wife team & rsquo; Are the wife before shop sells things, master shop busy after the cargo, how could such a production line with great concentration of high-quality goods. Our team a lot of the teacher, has been two hundred and thirty years of experience in the field of sculpture, fully qualified for the selection of arts and crafts master of China, but they are not interested in such vanities, even dismissive. I have been to inculcate such a concept, there is a chance to fully demonstrate their skills, the works of creation from generation to generation, is more meaningful than take the time to spend energy for awards. The creation of this attitude, I think I should get more social encouragement and praise highly. Throughout the &; Yeeli hua zheng xing said.

can make so many carving master abandon utilitarian fiction, this is still a story:

years ago yeeli hua zheng xing to visit zhejiang dongyang woodcarving craft, met a face in the street like zhang jinlai lean man. He shout loudly 1: curiously & other; The wu is empty! Throughout the &; Two people each other a smile, a conversation that Lu Xiaohua thin relief technicians, is a well-known local yeeli hua zheng xing was determined to see his work. Then, two people talk a lot, like knows like. Lu Xiaohua tell yeeli hua zheng xing, 16 years old he began to study thin relief skill, more than 20 years, has a long unrealized dreams, is pouring their lifetime studies figure sculpture in December. Cherish only yeeli hua zheng xing immediately promised to help him finish the dream: & other; I give you to provide logistical support, $60000 – a – month salary, you want to engrave, I will not give you set tasks under the indicators. Throughout the &; Bole and swift horse hit it off. IfengLogo (Xu Yue)