Collectors find real version of “jinling thirteen women” detailed written beside qinhuai courtesan (FIG.)

“a little spectrum beside qinhuai eight immortals”

although zhang yimou film, jinling thirteen women has no on the golden globes, the film is actually led to a lot of people to explore interest beside qinhuai prostitutes. Yesterday, collectors jian-zhong gao showed reporters his new from chaotian palace antique market, two kinds of the late qing dynasty, the republic of China of old books. In the white door new liu ji “and” very little spectrum “the eight immortals, carefully recorded the appearance of numerous beside qinhuai courtesan posture origin and other details, is the real version of & other Jinling thirteen women & throughout; , also for those who worked in nanjing in the history of the women.

has been banned in the late qing dynasty

collectors jian-zhong gao of Shanghai yuefen brand poster and qipao in nanjing. Recently, he was at the king’s temple AnPin street antique market and have a windfall, from friends to find a new book of white willow “(two volumes), and a” small beside qinhuai eight immortals spectrum “. These books is very interesting to read, is relatively rare. & other; White door & throughout; Is the old nanjing’s nickname. Jian-zhong gao told reporters, & other; I read a book, is written in nanjing, is interested in. Throughout the &; Glance at the book home only to find that, originally written beside qinhuai courtesan, so book now to stay small. Among them, the new willow, white door in qing dynasty has been banned, so more valuable.

Xu Yu literati in the late qing dynasty by the “new willow, white door, about published in word about eleven years (1872). & other; The new willow & throughout; In nanjing, is refers to the taiping heavenly kingdom, after famous prostitute, that makes a total of dozens of people. The book at the time of the beside qinhuai courtesan, separate into article, detailed description of the native place of these famous prostitute, appearance, strength, talent and romantic story. Xu Yu identity: & other; Live an extravagant life, don’t know the clouds of heaven; Grinding beads, and drink side of the month. 擫 flute song, a ratio of wild goose songs; Paintings of loose, while idle words of gulls. Throughout the &;

jinling thirteen women VS beside qinhuai eight immortals

published in 17 years of the republic of China (1928) “a little spectrum beside qinhuai eight immortals” to record the years of the republic of China beside qinhuai river 8 beloved the deeds of the ci-poetry. The so-called & other; The eight immortals & throughout; , & other; MeiXian Zhang Xiling & throughout; , & other Core fairy AnBaoZhu & throughout; , & other Jin Xianchen qing pearl & throughout; , & other Jean fairy Ren Shuangquan & throughout; , & other Wan XianFang LAN for & throughout; , & other Moon fairy Wu Yuee & throughout; , & other Rong fairy Cao Guizhen & throughout; , & other Vincent’s xiao-yu wang & throughout; . Jian-zhong gao said, & other; Thus, in addition to the famous & lsquo; Beside qinhuai eight yan & rsquo; , all like to scholars of the song beside qinhuai prostitutes collective name. & lsquo; The eight immortals & rsquo; And in the film & lsquo; Jinling thirteen women & rsquo; Time close. From them, more easy to see the real appearance of prostitutes in the early of the republic of China nanjing. Throughout the &;

according to textual research, jian-zhong gao & other; Regime after the demise of the taiping heavenly kingdom, due to years of war, the nanjing city on the great depression, the former busy qinhuai river like a dead river, lifeless. Throughout the &; Open to nanjing office after the liangjiang governor, beside qinhuai light ship, objectively promoted the qinhuai river & on the other; Nightlife & throughout; And the development of the entertainment industry. Soon, the sight of the old material appear, to the end of the qing dynasty years, south of the city of nanjing Confucius temple qinhuai river cross-strait especially, prostitutes appeared abnormal prosperity.

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new book of white willow”

fishing lane brothels with

these two books is & other; Demimonde guide & throughout; , from the name, residence, the basic information. Opened the yellow pages, names, greeted: wen yu, tusya age, double phoenix, zheng ErNian, MiaoGong, Ann lam, Shang Xiaocong, ShiWenXia, small plain Jane, Jin Xian, jinfeng & hellip; & hellip; They are mostly from jiangsu province, such as jade red is liuhe, glaze, ruyi cloud is XingHua is the straight man, young wen qing is from yancheng, age is the jinling people & hellip; & hellip; In addition, the famous prostitute are concentrated in the Confucius temple in qinhuai river on both sides of the street alley, some streets now has disappeared. Live in aloes street Chen Xilin, Jiang Suyun; To live in the east garden warbler, feng feng month lotus fragrance; Living in the house yao lane Liu Ailing; Living near Hiram’s hospital Li Xiaoru, Gao Cuifeng, Wang Xiaoyu, TuCuiYu; Live in chao Wang Baoqin, shuang-feng zhang library street; Live in the white tower square double happiness, Wang Shuangling lane; Live in dam street have Wen Feng sound and so on. Movie “the jinling thirteen women called prostitutes & other Fishing lane to & throughout; Past dynasties, it accords with the facts, fishing lane is the place where brothels whorehouse song building concentrated. “White door new willow” account of most famous prostitute, is living in the fishing lane for a long time. Such as & other; Ruyi, straight people, to the west of fishing in the lane. Buccal abundant muscle, its show in the bone, a person with & lsquo; Fat ring & rsquo; Eyes. Throughout the &;

popular but ill-fated

can be seen from the new willow, white door, a lot of very song ci-poetry in the late qing dynasty inherited the Ming dynasty & other; Beside qinhuai eight yan & throughout; Specialize in verses of tradition, many people can play sing and special skills. Such as mentioned in the book of zheng ErNian & other; At a young age from a very famous teacher XueJi, so still with song wins, beat without the slightest error, group of typical & push for age throughout; . Although very song ci-poetry’s popularity, but many people fate, some still very sad. Mentioned in the book named & other; The small ying xian & throughout; The famous prostitute. & other; The small ying, straight people. Color as the Chinese flowering crabapple rain, YanYe unsurpassed, and brow heroic spirit. Jinling thirteen years, the days send double vertical, are satisfied. 14 years, bright sound hence noise, and just plain yun & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; She is the yangzhou people, 13 years old came to nanjing into demimonde. There was once a childe passion Yu Xiaoying fairy, want to marry her to go home, the small ying xian & other; Meaning also yearning & throughout; , but in the end because childe family opposed and forget about it. Little ying fairy married to an officer at the age of 15, when the 7 s, tortured, ill-fated, let the author of white door new liu ji, also give out & other; Biu biu biu & throughout; A pity.