College boys wear a skirt show sweet shoulder igawa netizens call crowd (FIG.)


river big graduates

there is no denying the fact that this group is made up of five boys & other; Starring & throughout; , style each different & other; Big graduation drama & throughout; , not only earn enough attention, also attracted a lot of netizens exclaimed: & other; Wonderful work too much, can’t look straight into & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

the color of the dress, pure in the invincibility of suspenders, and students with a pair of similar star ye in the film and television play sandals & hellip; & hellip; This god general collocation, directly burst the viewer of the punchline.

to the material, the netizens’ evaluation and requirements are bound to a rising tide lifts all boats. Shanghai said: & other; You guys wear beach dress show sweet shoulder, light burst. Throughout the &; Advice said: & other; They’re a bit unprofessional! Black silk stockings? & hellip; high heels? & hellip; Throughout the &;

however, no matter what you say, to show show, smiled to smile after all. & other; Graduate students more joy. Throughout the &; This sentence, is probably the & other; Drama & throughout; The best outcome.

【 photos there a behind story 】

& other; A picture, a story. Throughout the &; This group of seemingly absurd graduation is no exception. In five boys behind send endless joy to everyone, is a let a person very touched of precious friendship.

25, Sean lee students is one of the protagonist in the picture, the initial hearing to be interviewed, he hesitated.

& other; Want to go to the newspaper? Throughout the &; After a short burst of thinking, Sean lee finally make up your mind, & other; Yes, I informed everyone to see. Leave a, also blame is memorable. Throughout the &;

said about the graduation, Sean lee, sun filled & other; Injustice & throughout; . & other; In fact, this is not a boy. Throughout the &;

on May 19, Sean lee according to the agreed time, along with four other boys in the class, the school playground with 18 girls meet graduation photo shooting.

however, we meet, a girl smiled, the boy received.

& other; Who knows, they would have ready dress etc, we have to change. Throughout the &; Five boys you see me, I see you, gigantic pie mouth, protest protests. But in the end, or has failed to convince the beauty of the class.

& other; Whatever made, who afraid who! Throughout the &; Looking at pictures depicted adamant4 expression, five people excitedly took the women’s clothing. However, such as back in front of everyone, all people changing the clothes are bowed his head shyly.

photo with laughter. Five boys exert all one’s skill, incisively and vividly shows the girls a man and sissy & other; Singular style & throughout; .

at the end of five boys pretended grievances to leave the scene, the girl laughed again with the class.

& other; In fact, take photos before we are hesitant, this is everybody together to discuss. Throughout the &; Speaking of my buddies finally agreed to take pictures of reason, the tone of Sean lee said a words with heavy slightly.

& other; Four years of college life, the whole class feelings are very good. Near graduation, the girls have come up with such an idea, we decided to finally meet again their willfulness. Youth press, later separated, perhaps no such opportunity & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;