College couples mountain seclusion reclamation flower: “how are the rest of my life”

Wang Zhou built watering flowers

the wife university undergraduate course graduation, the husband university college degree, more than two people to give up a company in chengdu middle-level management positions, back in jianyang a horse town roads of barren hills reclusive, they more than 20 acres of barren hills into terraced fields, all kinds of chrysanthemum and lotus.

yesterday morning, west China metropolis daily reporter in jianyang raising horse town on the outskirts of a mountainside near the farmhouse, met is watering vegetables Wang Zhou build, vegetable and field path surrounded by colorful chrysanthemums around, his wife Luo Rong is another field pick vegetables.

Wang Zhou built this year 35 years old, graduated from sichuan agricultural university in 1998 gardening professional, after graduating from a company in chengdu. Soon after, because working relationship, he met with fruit trees professional Luo Rong graduated from sichuan agricultural university.

in 2007, after the birth of his daughter, Luo Rong back in jianyang Wang Zhou built a horse town, a holiday home, had contracted a horse town cave village two kilometers outside the idea of a barren hills. & other; With professional knowledge, I can feel like in this building a ecological farm. Throughout the &; Luo Rong idea, get the approbation of the husband, so they made barren hills with 40000 yuan of 30 years of contract right.

in 2008, the couple returned to the barren hills, forest. & other; At that time, these places are slope, weeds are one. Throughout the &; Wang Zhou says, because of the roads, the machine into do not come, they alone a hoe cultivate the terraced fields more than 20 acres.

& other; Food is now in order to maintain basic life. Throughout the &; Wang Zhou built, said after the wasteland is ready to plant lotus and chrysanthemum, because these two flowers flower is longer, and the flowers fade after they open will show

especially eye-catching. & other; Now all cleared land basic covered by lotus, chrysanthemum to introduce now, next year will be standardization, scale, current cost 50000 yuan. Throughout the &;

& other; Now, I think this place is still small, I hope it’s thousands of acres, flowers around his house, later for our pension, others also can come to sightseeing. Throughout the &; Said Wang Zhou built, he prepared to spend 10 years to build, and then can enjoy achievement at the age of 40 to 50.

Luo Rong said, now have 95% of people don’t understand them, including her parents, and other Usually think that day is very long, very hard, but now see the existing achievements, is happy, how are the rest of my life, it is better to train the next generation well, quiet joy for life. Throughout the &;