Cologne the new collection will be listed Sensitivity to the firstborn Li Fei knife than master li

the end of this month, the first works will launch new cologne anthology. Headed by cologne eldest son Zheng Xiaolong & other; Cologne works throughout management & development committee; Said, this is the arrangement of the latest and most complete version of cologne works, including his 57 works. Zheng Xiaolong revealed that cologne before did not get a penny royalties on the mainland.

Zheng Xiaolong recalls, then cologne to Taipei to the payment each month will buy a few bottles of good wine and a lot of good books, then return to the country. Until Zheng Xiaolong elementary school in grade one, thou dragon “tianya moon knife” was made into a film, cologne on the street. & other; But the father also left us, mother was soon back to Taipei, my mother took me and began its long poor life. Mother has. Son not said the father, but he was really not a good father. Throughout the &;

in cologne, Zheng Xiaolong found that had indeed did not get a penny mainland royalties, & other; Father died on September 21, 1985, it can be said that the period, the mainland spread throughout all his books are piracy &; .

cologne is a martial-arts novel by a generation of master, since the 1960 s, in order to the new change of creation concept, become the representative figure of new martial arts. Nearly half a century, thou dragon with a sentimental swordsman heartless sword “(xiao li fly knife),” chu “, “the legend of lu xiao feng”, “handsome siblings”, “hero” and so on a number of popular classic novel, conquered the hundreds of millions of readers, profoundly affect the subsequent martial art creation, but also led to a continuous film adaptation, long popular around China and southeast Asia, the minibook.

Zheng Xiaolong said: & other; In my impression, he when the writer is very hard, is the humble ten years studying drunk the river’s lake scholar. Father’s writing is in the middle of the night, make a cup of strong tea. Inspired, countless hours, on the whole night through. Sometimes hit, just like the average person will have emotional vent. He is very dedicated in writing, not someone to bother. Throughout the &; Zheng Xiaolong said not understand his father’s practice, & other; Later learned words workers really more hard work. Because of that, just know a successful writer, can write so good work by perseverance, this is my father’s precious place. My father is a total of 50 books, sometimes think of him now so huge workload is really very much. Throughout the &;

has been Zheng Xiaolong to cologne works of some resistance, & other; Don’t want to see my father works before, haven’t seen a. But as the growth of the age, as when his father had his sons and his daughters, mood gradually calmed down. Can rational look at his father’s work, father is indeed a good writer, brilliant & throughout; . Zheng Xiaolong is Taiwan police school judo instructor, after understanding the father, his favorite father works in the “xiao li fly knife” : & other; I think xiao li fly knife, the novel is more let a person have the imagination, like the hero’s character and style, and he was on his own practice a JueXue, I feel it with my own background is like. Nor is not only have resonance and master li, like a thing, sometimes is very subjective, why don’t need too much. Throughout the &; (or)