Cologne’s eldest son was ma bodyguard broke jin yong’s martial arts are the source

& other; Xiao li fly knife, the cases of hair. Throughout the &; The description & other; A seven jinshi, father and son three no. & throughout; The master li, be I remember more than 20 years. To cologne, dates back to the editor of the junior high school age, when love to look at CenKaiLun and martial arts favourite cologne (four girls like most eyebrows luk siu fung). Is cologne that attracted me most exquisite phrase, tortuous story design & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; If the warrior alive, this text use 140 words of weibo now, sure fans fans a lot.

today, chengdu shangbao continue introducing martial arts master later generations living status reports an exclusive sneak peek. Cologne Xiong Yaohua (original name) has three sons, respectively is Zheng Xiaolong Zheng Yuexia (mother), times of cotyledon wide Ye Xue (mother), the third bear MeiBaoZhu (mother). Now, three brothers established & other; Cologne works throughout management & development committee; . To find GuLongZhi son, chengdu commercial daily reporter successively by mail and phone, from magazines, publishing houses and cologne works management development committee, lasted nearly a month after finally reached far in Taipei and out of his eldest son Zheng Xiaolong.