Colonel qaddafi was killed: Libya anti-system artists (FIG.)

editor’s note 】 【 on October 20, 21, 2011 6 points, according to China news release message when Libya & other; The NTC & throughout; , a spokesman for the ancient jia and Libya military commission chairman haji bell (Abdul Hakim Belhaj) has just confirmed respectively, the country’s former leader muammar gaddafi in his hometown of sirte was arrested because of injury death. & other; Gaddafi has death throughout the &; The news has been on the Internet has caused a sensation, public debate.

since the civil war against the colonel graffiti has gradually became more sophisticated. Art network specially offer summary of the artist’s work is a group of Libya’s system, in which through the artist risked his life to writing, the fate of the country is also at stake this kind of situation, see it associated with political position.