Company “shocking” regulation: cell phone rings shall not be set to “love buying and selling”

10, the yangtse evening post official micro survey on weibo, wrote to collect is also encountered similar wulitou workplace rules, many netizens to yourself or a friend met & other; Shocking & throughout; Provisions made a & other; Big fun & throughout; . Come and see, you work units also have these & other; Puzzling & throughout; The provisions of the?

1, the company new rule: no sick & other; No! We believe that since you have physical strength to see a doctor, you have the ability to work. Throughout the &;

2, Internet & other; King please give throughout & death; : don’t take the elevator during commuting, stairs, check in the stairs, can receive free yogurt a can!

3, company: & other; In less than a year of male staff shall not fall in love & throughout; , & other; After replacement of men and women friends for three times within the company looking for a permanent ban. Throughout the &;

4, Internet & other; The Seine & throughout; : mobile phone ring tones may not be set to “love buying and selling” or “over the moon”.

5, the company: employees divorce double return envelopes.

6, netizens & other; Oasisoasis” : my boyfriend graduate work in the first year of the company, all live in the dormitory, put the music up and running and at half past five in the morning exercises, all new employees 28 km march, march must constantly to do push-ups, rope skipping and singing. To work at eight o ‘clock in the morning, standing on the table to sing the national anthem, the song singing songs!

7, netizens & other; Murakami throughout a tree &; KTV waiter: I’m a volume type, the most irritated is collective at the door before going to work must be read slogan, also is the most can’t stand the jump “thankful heart”.

8, netizens & other; M PuLiYa & throughout; : go to the toilet doesn’t flush the toilet, points; Noise in the hallway, points; To a colleague nickname, points; Nickname, double points; Fight, points; Quarrel with the superior, double points; Company with more than 50%, dining room to eat the rest of the points; Look outside to work on the net, novels, MSN, qq, chat in working software, penalty points.

9, a private sector: each employee’s parents, wife and children’s birthday, birthday staff must leave one day with family. If parents birthday, you must do meal a day for parents, a wish to meet parents, for parents to wash a foot; His wife’s birthday, you have to accompany a wife, a shopping to buy a dress, watching a movie; Children’s birthday, it is necessary to take children to a park, eat a birthday cake, make a game with your child. In order to prevent some employees can’t press this & other; Rules & throughout; To do, the manager also specially to each employee’s family birthday down and contact phone number, so that the investigation. Discounted during the implementation of any violation of the provisions or employees, once found, the deduction of quarterly bonus for the first time, a second deducted annual bonuses, the third is unconditional dismissal.

10, some enterprises: & other; We open the worker canteen, provide free of charge, because noon meal is large in number, time is compact, aunt canteen for all health clean tableware, some tableware can vaguely see the shadow of the leftovers leftovers, really affect appetite. For the sake of their health, some colleagues bring their own tableware. Recently department privately told (that is, not to file form notice), own tableware must take home cleaning! Dining room installed monitor equipment, hope everybody to comply with the requirements of the company! Throughout the &;