Confucius has a pair of magic ears “, from the music hears the author looks

ear is to listen to sound, however, some people’s ears can not only identify the quality of music, but also from the voice & other; Read & throughout; Out of many, many little-known information, this is the skill.

Xi male twenty-nine years (631 BC), medium the monarch ge Lou to appear before Xi male lu lu. Xi high-level reception ge lu, lu at the banquet to kill cows too fast of the customer. Ge Lou heard the cry, when the cattle were killed said: & other; This head NiuSheng three cows, as a result, three cows was killed in the sacrifice. I heard from the it cries out. Throughout the &; Ask, this cow is really and ge Lou said the same. From the cry of a cow can recognize its brim, magic is not magic, you say?

ear is to listen to the sound, the noise or music ears to hear, that’s not a problem. However, ge Lou ear not only can identify the quality of music, but also from the voice & other; Read & throughout; Many little-known information, which at present seems really weird, but real have such record on history, we can not do not believe.

however, to the teacher to make learning music story seems to be for us to understand & other Magical ear & throughout; Find a path. Confucius to the architect to make learning to play music, the teacher is a top musicians, students are studious of Confucius, the combination between teachers and students, can create stories are difficult. Soon, Confucius can play a tune well. T duct said to Confucius, & other; You play well, and can change a tune. Throughout the &; Confucius said: & other; No, I only can play the song melody, have yet to master skills to play it. Throughout the &; Play again for several days, Confucius technique also astonishingly, t duct said to him, & other; You can play this song, in a tune. Throughout the &; The master said, & other; No, I don’t understand the composer master playing skills. Throughout the &; Later, Confucius and practice for a long time, music, of course, played even better. T duct again advised him in tune, Confucius said: & other; I can’t. I now understand the composer’s intention, but I don’t know what the composer looks like? Throughout the &; Teacher had to let the Confucius continue to practice. For a period of time, Confucius has, as if to enter into a new realm: sometimes ZhuangChongMu, thoughtful, and sometimes pick up high, tzu chi has profound meaning. Finally the master said, & other; I know who this person is: his dark skin, body shape tall, eyes bright and big, like a rule sifang vassal king, if it is not the king wen of zhou and who can make this piece of music? Throughout the &; After hear t duct, to admire Confucius, & other; Avoid seats worshipped throughout & again; Reclined at the table, but left their own teacher, the Confucius worshipped the twice, and then said: & other; My teacher also think this song is the chant of emperor wen. Throughout the &; Through this story, we find that the sage Confucius seems to have a pair of & other; Magical ear & throughout; , he will be able to recognize through a tune of this song, the authors look like the kung fu also special person than!

how to understand these magical ear? Ear’s magic comes from the heart of the delicate and sensitive. Confucius & other; A deep, long embalm repair & throughout; , to mobilize the whole body and mind to listen to and understand music, so can & other; Hold Wen Wangzhi sound, know Wen Wangzhi character. Throughout the &; With the experience of Confucius speculated that ge when lupin must also have a special liking to music. After a long period of music, their ear is extremely sensitive to noise, can realize the sound person (even cows) of any emotional change.

in addition to music edification, the magic of the ear function may be related to the sage have ethical virtue. Buddhist scriptures cloud: & other; Being is originally the Buddha, but because of delusion can’t attain, respectively. Throughout the &; Mean, all living beings have buddha-nature, should have the ability to do like the Buddha, but because they have too many thoughts, greed is too heavy, too many desire to cover their nature, they had the ability to play not to come out. Lao tze said: & other; Five color blindness, deafness, voice mixed to population; Tian hunting make people mad; Rare goods, hinder a line. Throughout the &; General meaning that there is excessive pleasure will lead to people & other; Eye, ear, nose & tongue throughout; The function of the degenerate. We might as well to the life of modern confirmed: all day long staring at the television to see the colorful picture vision will be hurt; Wearing headphones to listen to rock and roll all day people will be hurt hearing; People who drink regularly eat meat taste will become slow; Hunting and killing animals are often easy to inner rage and anxiety; Often covet wealth would be easy to corruption, breaking the law.