Confucius once wanted to go to small and medium-sized enterprise “jobs said is the most ideal boss YanHui


most appreciated student YanHui Confucius, Confucius is an ideal boss YanHui of this type, Confucius says even when managers working for him.

is a saint, but the level of saints is a kind of life, a kind of others to evaluation, and organization, have a meal also have to rely on professional. Hole teachers engaged in what profession?

in his youth, due to poor families, in order to make a living and done some folk artists live, later lu is the highest position of the sheep herder, even agent phase. And then was fired, so did the teacher, with a group of students in the drift of the nations, there are several times in the way, finally stay in bookmaking.

the master work, probably that’s it, then, what he thinks the most ideal career? His attitude to look for a job?

Confucius workplace confessions:

is the most ideal boss joked YanHui

let’s reduction when stopping way people of Confucius, a scene. According to “historical records & middot; Confucius family, Confucius 63 years old, namely in 489 BC, the hole of the teacher and his students trapped in guo-he Chen CAI, eat not eat, want to walk also can’t walk, there are a lot of the people who were with have collapsed, only hole teacher also calm, no food in the stomach, the in the mind but also culture and music, daily, persist in lectures, from time to time, but also a concert, and other Speak recite system. Throughout the &;

hole teacher to do this, is in order to appease the students, students’ anxiety, but the teacher can’t anxious, at the same time, the hole teacher to do the students’ psychological counseling work. This day, in each zi lu, zi gong’s thought after work, for counseling YanHui call into office, hole the teacher in the book of songs about animals in the sentences on the topic: YanHui classmate ah, we how to mix so horribly, like animal rhinos and tigers, ran on in the wilderness, & other; Bandit before bandits tiger, rate of the desert. Throughout the &; Hole the teacher wanted to begin with a complaint word, induce students’ negative emotions, then for counseling.

yan classmate a protege of hole not the kui is a teacher, he, in turn, tutors, & other; Teacher, this shows you much knowledge and theory of the world can’t hold, your theory is not accommodate, earth is a shame, not shame we hole class. Throughout the &;

words say hole teacher be elated, & other; Happy smile & throughout; , said: this yan home children really have ambition, if you are a multimillionaire, the teacher I want to be your company’s professional managers, be your housekeeper & other; Make more money, we for the slaughter. Throughout the &;

professional idol is zhou

YanHui classmate in the toughest time, when the students most waver, adhere to the theory of teacher authority, Confucius care is to build up brand: courtesy and benevolence. Is now YanHui classmate say to the heart, teacher of course happy, a happy out most aspirational career: & other; Professional managers & throughout; . Even when housekeeper to the student, also willingly. So, also suggests that in the minds of Confucius, the ideal boss is YanHui students this kind of person. How YanHui students balance sheets is negative to the teacher’s great expectations, even do not have enough to eat meal, let alone to hire teachers when the steward.

so, Confucius favorite career is indeed & other; Professional managers & throughout; , he doesn’t like working, he carefully reshaped the relic of shang dynasty and zhou dynasty, type & other Benevolence & throughout; Brands, and these are not used to when the boss, is used to working, is used to find a field to implement their plans.

so, Confucius’s idol is who? Is one of the most famous zhou & other; Professional managers & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Duke of zhou, no wonder he often in spirit across, through five thousand six hundred to duke of zhou, maybe ask his management way of business.

there is a detail to illustrate this point. In Confucius’ 56 years old, namely in 496 b.c., Confucius became & other; Lu company & throughout; Agent butler, & other; By large sheep herder doeth cameras & throughout; , his old man’s house that ah music, recorded his & other; Have a smile & throughout; .

a saint is not calm, the influence is very bad, the students have a little don’t understand, ask: & other; Teacher, you usually taught us to be calm, a curse to don’t be afraid of, luck here don’t like, you today how you first not calm? Throughout the &; Confucius said honestly admit, & other; The teacher said I was this, but I’m happy today, because from now on can honour worthy men of letters, this is the gentleman, with a promotion didn’t anything to do. Throughout the &; No matter how hole teacher explain it, we’ll still be able to see the hole the teacher how to care about & other Professional managers & throughout; This position.

hole teacher is a very professional & other; Managers & throughout; In & other; Lu company & throughout; Did a good job, show his job performance is the most: the competitors & other; His company & throughout; The panic. Under the intervention of competition, the teacher had to resign.

from now on, hole the teacher is in a hurry to find a new job.

Confucius also compromise:

as long as can achieve ideal small & other; Companies throughout the &; Would also like to go to

from 56 years old that year, teachers were out of work, he is very worried, from noble motive, & other; Lu company & throughout; Poison-off didn’t, have to go find elsewhere, well cultivated his planning; From the motivation of a speech, is to get three meals a day. According to the Confucian classic “rites & middot; wingceltis bow” records, Confucius wanted to go to chu to look for a job, his mood is very urgent, send xia to contact the unit first, and then sent the mannequins have contact, such a barrage sent contact what is the purpose of it? His students have to say: let’s do the teacher, don’t want to let oneself into material poverty, & other; To know not to haste the poor also. Throughout the &; Hired hands head no career, no unit, even a saint panic. Mencius said, Confucius and the students also in ready to make a fire to cook, a heard that there are & other Companies throughout the &; Would like to hire him, he is old man hurried down taomee basket, jumped on the carriage will move on.

there was a very good job opportunity before Confucius, Confucius also very cherish, but people are always in the way. & other; His company & throughout; To hire him, as a result, this way, the teacher said hole is antique, ever working; & other; Chu company & throughout; To hire him, even to give him a in seven hundred & other; Branch & throughout; Said to operate, fruit, afraid to can’t hold him and his family.

the hole of the teacher, he wants to change the work space, the time he had thought of overseas development in the past, according to “the analects of Confucius & middot; GongYeChang” records, the master said, & other; No, take Fu floating on the sea. Throughout the &; My plan cannot be implemented, I’ll take a boat to go overseas development.

at that time to go abroad, of course, it is unrealistic ideas, so Confucius is also observe the change of the local talent market, look have listed on the new & other; Companies throughout the &; For he put to good use.

compared himself to useless gourd

the opportunity came, according to “the analects of Confucius & middot; Yang goods” records, one year, there was a call male mountain, interference and other Small entrepreneurs & throughout; And occupies a place called fee, your own business, it is a typical small and medium-sized & other; Companies throughout the &; , don’t say with & other; Chu company & throughout; , & other His company & throughout; Is compared and weak & other; Lu company & throughout; Never better than. Male mountain took a fancy to Confucius, interference, sent him to hire a book, I’d love to, Confucius zilu, students can’t see, said: teacher, can’t find a job we recognize, why go to a place like, losing face.

but seriously of Confucius said: the family faithfully for me, certainly not to say that the play, if I really reuse, and let me when the manager, I’m sure I can reshape a strong in the east & the other; Weeks throughout the company &; . & other; Such as useful to me, I as a dynasty? Throughout the &; The implication, I will and the zhou dynasty Confucius & other; Managers & throughout; As good as duke of zhou.

again an opportunity, or “the analects of Confucius Yang goods”, at that time & other; Jin company & throughout; There is a call fo Xi small bludger, occupied ZhongMou, opened a & other; Companies throughout the &; , also has hired Kong Zifa book, Confucius also want to go. Do not approve or zi lu classmate was very angry, teacher the down market go to that place. Confucius was a bit frustrated ground to say: I’m not a gourds hanging at the door, so hanging hanging can’t eat. & other; I do PaoGua zai, too? How can not eat! Throughout the &;

this two recruitment case, not below, estimation is Confucius did not dare to test the waters, after all, the situation is strong, the small & other; Companies throughout the &; Poor ability to survive.

gossip: Confucius’s annual salary is how much

about Confucius’s annual salary, shiji is recorded.

as he to get jobs in that year, wei WeiLing treatment problem: male asked Confucius & other; Teacher, you in the lu, how much salary? (ju lu lu geometry) & throughout; Confucius replied: & other; Millet, sixty thousand. Throughout the &;

when salary is based on grain as the calculating unit, such as the han dynasty the satrap called & other; Two thousand stone & throughout; Is that salary is the equivalent of two thousand stone grain. Confucius’s salary is about $sixty thousand worth of millet bucket, WeiLing at first also honest, according to the hole of the teacher in the lu issue salary treatment.

but after a while, feel heartache, so he sent someone to monitor hole teacher and teacher this salary is not safe, so to walk again, and again.