Construction of the guangzhou subway construction destroyed five qin tomb, we are only responsible for the construction

15, exploration and excavation of cultural relics and the placard is pulled down, the red line is

& other; Excavation was here yesterday and this morning, he found the 5 tombs were hook machine to dig out. Throughout the &; Early in the morning, on June 15, the archeologists found that in guangzhou luogang create such along the eastern slope of the late shang dynasty to the spring and autumn period and the warring states tomb group, there are five overnight by the construction of the subway excavator all invisible. Here is the subway line 6 Laura duty car depot site.

to this, the contractor’s iron 2 bureaus in manager zhao said, this is a worker for the archeologists warning caused by the scope of the lost. Guangzhou metro, said construction was conducted after the consent of the archaeology. Guangzhou archaeology, according to the scope of protection at the end of may has written to the metro company, did not notice to construction.

5 tombs overnight by digging

Mr Bell is hired by guangzhou institute of cultural relics and the archduke mountain site & other; The foreman & throughout; . On June 14 night at half past six, he finished a day’s work, left the archaeological site, iron 2 bureaus in excavator in not far away, long accustomed to in excavator mouth & other; Rob & throughout; The cultural relic archaeology workers, feel everything is not strange. 15, 7 PM, as he often came to the archaeological site, only to find that the day before the ongoing excavations 5 tombs into a heap of loess. Archaeological workers discover tools being dragged away and write & other Cultural relics excavated archaeological exploration area throughout the &; Yellow warning signs is pulled down, forward-facing used to delimit the scope of the red line has been broken.

& other; This time be hook machine cut the tombs of at least 5, s from the late shang dynasty to the spring and autumn period and the warring states period. This is not the first time that construction of destruction of ancient tomb. Throughout the &; One of the archaeological site, guangzhou archaeology archaeology department mechanic MiaoHui said.

reporter saw, the archeologists on the day before the photos, the slope is still on, 15, but has been poached.

already had more than ten tombs destroyed

on January 21, 2013, guangdong province, the eleventh National People’s Congress standing committee passed the new “provisions of guangzhou municipality on the administration of the protection of cultural relics (hereinafter referred to as the regulations), effective on May 1, 2013. “Regulations” article 33: construction project in guangzhou urban area covers an area of 10000 square meters, in huadu district, panyu district, luogang, nansha district, conghua and zengcheng construction projects within the municipal district covers an area of 30000 square meters, all need to inform the competent administrative department for cultural relics before construction, through archaeological investigation, exploration, can the construction.

on March 2, 2013, guangzhou archaeological relics comprehensive investigation in the city’s scope, in luogang, inside a large infrastructure construction site along the archduke mountain, found that there are ruins of the ancient tombs are destroyed. Here is the subway line 6 second line of the construction site.

the archaeology in guangzhou, in March, the archeologists found this site, the contractor and without in advance by the department of archaeology excavation and exploration, has caused irreparable damage to heritage. Archaeology archaeology Zhang Jianglu said, director of the department, in order to search and archaeological excavations, archaeology on March 9 this year to the site. & other; Exploration work has been completed on May 30, we started in early June in cultural relics buried more rich and important archduke shandong slope and north slope of archaeological excavations, archaeology has been respectively on May 30 out of the exploration work report and the investigation report, submitted to the MTR. Throughout the &;

archaeologists according to archaeological burial distribution, estimated by June of this year, this piece of site has destroyed more than 10 tombs, at least from the late shang dynasty to the late spring and autumn period, warring states tomb s early is unable to estimate the number of cultural relics.

parties claim

Construction of the


we are only responsible for the construction

why overnight construction, despite the ongoing archaeological excavations? TieErYuan engineering group in one, by the head of the construction manager zhao said, & other; This should be a misunderstanding. Throughout the &; He explained, the site is not overnight, but always will work until 10 PM. Dig this piece of hillside, the night before to the extent of the archeologists warning are workers lost. & other; Before we do not deliberately to destroy ancient tomb, the archeologists and we spoken here can dig, we dug. We are only responsible for the construction, we are not experts, also can’t tell where is grave. Throughout the &;

guangzhou metro:

Construction archaeology consent

for & other; Tombs destroyed by subway construction unit & throughout; 15, guangzhou metro, said construction is obtained the consent of the archaeology in guangzhou.

guangzhou metro, said on May 28, guangzhou archaeology surnamed seedlings of site specific, notify the construction units, head says the region’s archaeological end, on May 30 can enter the area construction in the future. After the notice, out of caution, until June 14 construction units into the area of construction. And in the process of construction, construction site management and supervision engineer has been prepared to present, did not see HangTuCeng and found that the cultural relics, and there is no damage in the western zhou dynasty relics.