“Contemporary art” as “junk” by the security guard away led debate (FIG.)

to be thrown away the contemporary art of

labor day, the last day of this & other; Material inside and outside the opening exhibition of contemporary art & throughout; The opening of the exhibition hall in the fashion of the tianhe city is so noisy. To carry out the date and outdoor can use & other Busy & throughout; The word to describe. This form of display and exhibition planning meant to bring out the best in each other, just the rich material world in to carry out the moment presents another kind of energy, which is the reflection to the spiritual world.

a funny thing happened in the exhibition, according to the guest curator the world: the 27th afternoon, about 3 point more minutes, in the case of all the people do not know love, a security guard when the chair that this exhibition waste thrown away. After an hour of hard to find, to see the video, ask all cleaners, last heap garbage in a remote place put the chair back. To this, the guest said the incident told us that if self sealing of contemporary art, not into the public life and their spiritual world, in the public eye, contemporary art is rubbish.

the content in the store of the subject as a line to separate the material world and spiritual space, and then each become ends on the other side of the body. As a curator at the same time is also a poet of the guest on the show on, & other; Select the theme of the content in the store, is using the thinking of poetics and sociology, open up a space, through art to participate in the survival of reality, make people see a generation of young artists in the time of the material prosperity, how to think, how to face the world place oneself among them. Throughout the &;

from the guest’s comments and starting from the status as the curator of the poet, it is not hard to see, the contemporary art is being pumped into the poetic way of thinking. This is also the exhibition unique side. Poetics tolerance is a great way to more than 40 artists FengYi nearly more than 100 works in the exhibition area, species included a easel painting, video, photos, installation, sculpture and other art forms. Held at the same time, the organizers also around the same theme, poetry readings and films to watch, a variety of artistic expression is extraordinary splendour.

the cooperation unit of the exhibition is also covers is very wide, south China normal university academy of fine arts, Beijing institute of contemporary arts, guangzhou academy of experimental art, guangzhou university of technology institute of art and design, these are also the source of the source into exhibition. A variety of perspectives and strong symbolic is the exhibition of commonality.

aside work between the advantages and disadvantages of contrast or appropriateness between works and exhibition, exhibition form only watch or poetic expression. Get the invitation in detail in the invitation can see shows clear list and reading the art of the poet. Two watches, visible curators place the poetics of the exhibition strong determination, but in another ways, it also proves that as the opening exhibition of contemporary art of the journal content in the store is open from content to form, tolerant.

as for the poetry as a literary category and the category of arts can achieve mutual adaptation or reaction of strong functions, better think of the problems of sociology? This requires the viewer to & other; Lively content throughout the &; To appreciate the injected between the poetic of contemporary art, to know.

open mind for essential experimental practice, strong kneading will surely bring drama, both concepts are applicable to all forms of artistic innovation, the nature of the degree of master such as Zi water of civil rights, they are apart. Art network