Counting ancient torture punishment to cheat woman: wood donkey flipping piece of chastity belt (figure)


this is specifically for women in Chinese history of torture, the women suspected of having an affair with some other men among four fingers under torture, squeezed by vigorously. Fingers defiled, along with the phalanx fracture and POTS of cold water poured wake up repeatedly, the average woman is not the past.

ancient punishment to cheat a woman’s instruments of torture: wood donkey

use this kind of devices, usually need to be stripped naked bind on this kind of similar to the torture of the saddle line the streets. Saddle nearly feet make wooden penis inserted into the woman’s vagina straight into the uterus, as the donkey run wooden phallus began to stir around in the woman’s vulva, followed by a bellow of tore heart crack lung, and blood.


a wooden donkey punishment of woman, not die also.