Counting the crooked fail buildings: huqiu tower tilted 3 degrees (FIG.)

& other; Throughout the capital door &; Building

whether it is built of wood, stone, steel towers, or clay, glass, ice block out of the hut, people want of it always strong and stable. However, some buildings beginning from the date of completion of skew down bit by bit, after several centuries have crooked, is famous for standing there.

UK: Elizabeth tower

maybe you are more familiar with its old name & ndash; & ndash; Big Ben in London. In June last year, the British declared the changed name. With the naked eye, people almost can not see whether the traditional London landmark. But the British parliament said that since 2003, it every year to 0.26 degrees Angle, the ground of the northwest tilt, crooked a 0.9 mm a year.

Elizabeth tower of what is going on? Experts say the main cause of its tilt is built subway and parking lot. Where the office of the house of Commons must clear the change, their walls and ceiling has a crack.

China: huqiu tower

in a pagoda, founded in 601, rebuilt in 959 and 961. Due to the foundation, since the Ming dynasty, huqiu tower is leaning to the northeast, the tower center deviation from the underlying 2.34 meters, slope nearly 3 degrees, & other known; East the Leaning Tower of Pisa & throughout; .

huqiu tower tilted gradually, because half of basement rocks, and the other half is the soil. In order to prevent it from further tilt, suzhou government several times on the overhaul for decades.

what has thousands of years history of huqiu tower is high, after a lightning strike and many times after the fire, have been unable to know today. The existing tower is 47.5 meters tall, whole is bricky build by laying bricks or stones, weighing more than 6000 tons. Rebuilt in 1956, it has been in the third layer of interlining found in the box, copper, bronze, etc. A large number of precious cultural relics.