“Crape myrtle space space” of modern life: name of qing imperial house to make her proud

yu crape myrtle at home.

to overthrow the last feudal dynasty, dream wake up an ancient ethnic residues, xinhai revolution also ended a surname have the highest glory. From collective cry when xuantong abdication to presume to life after a century, the population will always be people placed complex eyes, they have a common surname & ndash; & ndash; Qing imperial house. & ndash; & ndash; .

yu ziwei into public view is in “the princess huanzhu” hit, because wrote the give & lt; return zhugege & gt; “some advice to protest when the department of the whole drama of his own life to disturb, she suddenly become subject, where there are people said: & other; True & lsquo; Crape myrtle space space & rsquo; Come! Throughout the &; The qing imperial house quite temperament female painter full name & middot; Crape myrtle yu Ju, also known as yu crape myrtle, she is the daoguang emperor descent, is also a famous painter Mr PuZuo’s only daughter, was pure of qing dynasty royal descent.

midsummer a sunny afternoon, I went into the yu crape myrtle is located in the capital city strip compound, in a cluster of buildings and the hustle and bustle of people, the three layers & other; Residence & throughout; Appears classical and beautiful. Girls, an enter a door, a picture of branches and leaves pond jumped out at me, it is yu ziwei beloved masterpiece; And both sides were GongGongZhengZheng framed couplet, is Chinese master Wen Huaisha question & other; Military transport fix bamboo, chicken son Long Sun crape myrtle & throughout; . Have a passion for painting bamboo claborate-style painting method is commonly used yu crape myrtle, wall of her works of Chinese paintings, inscribe is & other; Qing imperial house & middot; Yu Ju & throughout; She admitted that the part name will attract people’s eyes.

face comely yu ziwei few words, in Chinese shallow brown jacket, she said her clothes is many & other Special clothing designer, no second & throughout; , natural disposition is fond of quiet, walking and other royal descendants are not frequent, idle to like tea art, with instruments of very exquisite tea to drink. She told me that she don’t like out of town, there have been several American university invited her to lecture, so sad she hesitantly. & other; By plane is too tired, I go to the park for a walk at most at ordinary times, looking for draw inspiration. Throughout the &; Yu ziwei voice bright and clear and deep, it’s very & other; Air & throughout; .

the decoration of the room are ancient sweet patina, when I smile ask yu ziwei home whether or not there are a lot of antiques, she said: & other; Some, but also didn’t think it is antique, at that time only left them as commodity. Throughout the &; Solid wood staircase leads to the flat bottom, where there is a table tennis table, appear with the surrounding environment of primitive simplicity, slightly to the problem, who usually played with yu ziwei pointed to the corner of the table tennis ball machines, said: & other; And it play. Throughout the &;

yu said crape myrtle, & other; Qing imperial house & throughout; The name is still let her feel proud, & other; Because the family had, such a good emperor, the honor doesn’t allow me to do a thing with status & throughout; .

to overflow on the screen now & other Throughout the play & qing; , she euphemistically expressed own view, & other; Now the TV series I think on some details can join literary imagination, but absolutely can’t go wrong on fundamental nature, more can not making this up. Throughout the &;