Cross-flow “Renaissance” lust nuns priest associating monastery (FIG.)

in this paper, from the European history of weathering: the Renaissance times, Edward & middot; Fu, the liaoning education press

all sorts of bad habits, and even put together, all can’t keep up with the Roman church is mainly reflected in the Renaissance of sex. Cross-flow, the Renaissance of lust in the monastery’s historical conditions just found very conducive to sex in the soil. When it comes to this problem, we all feel it says to inconvenience & ndash; & ndash; On this question, the most difficult is grasp the discretion, enough is enough. But we cannot simply one has brought, monks sex, start is completely healthy and normal protest against single system. We have talked about the historical origin of the stunning marriage. Its results are important to us. The result is quite clear: a long time ago with the passage of time, the single system, in the hands of the church became the most important means of ruling. It has become the most important rule, of course, as a result of its economic significance. Accumulated wealth of the church was able to focus on a single system without scattered, is handed down from generation to generation and from disappearing.

since it Catholic religious groups in the head of a full power, so, the monastery domain widened, said the whole of expanding the range of the power of the church. Priestly celibacy, is divided the monks with local, local interests, the only means of tame tools can make monks who obey the higher, darling take orders from the Pope. Give up the color system, for the church, is the possibility of abandon the rule. Increasingly become an important tool, the rule of the church as the monastery, especially with the benefits of the single system in the accumulation of wealth has become increasingly apparent, was originally made for the benefit of the group and voluntary, freedom, abide by the decision, now turned into all sangha must strictly abide by the law. In the 11th century, Glenn high column vii issued the edict of marriage, announced the priest shall not marry. Once the abstinence of listening to help yourself increasingly becomes a must implement the laws, the color of the vows is announced to be the highest virtue.

however, the power of the flesh; but more powerful than artificial regulation. Only part of the monks can drive flesh, blood gas control. So, the most stringent save and punishment is no effect. The most ugly against natural habit started to spread, and than is obvious, but for this edict issued by the vice also call a spade a spade. The church of Paris meeting decided to pay attention to don’t let & other; Monks and priests to sodomy & throughout; , & other; The bishops should carefully check the bedroom, shut all suspicious doors and other dangerous locations throughout the &; Don’t let & other; The nuns to sleep in a bed & throughout; And so on. Because the cause of this kind of bad habits is not eliminated, so these measures will work only in individual cases. Because of this, the church has been concessions. In the end, the color is not completely renounce lust, just like what is said above, reject that will reduce the Pope’s financial resources, the sphere of narrow form of sexual relations.

monks is not allowed to get married, but at the same time allow them to have a mistress. This concession is wise,, because the church’s exploitation strategy can achieve great benefits from this concession. The Pope received a oil-water huge and a steady stream of new revenue, because most of this kind of SINS are sold to the monks. Teach those outstanding sophists invented the appropriate statement immediately to ease tensions. In the 14th century, the monks on the question of whether or not to have the right to marry a heated argument broke out again. Many monks insist on the right, and the French church influential famous teacher, the pine with the following reason to defending monks not stunning:

& other; Monks at the time of meet the sexual desire, has violated the stunning vows? No, stunning renounced marriage vows just said. Even so, monks to make highly unethical behavior, as long as not married, would not be against great vows. Throughout the &;

hot, loose is just a little limits the freedom of monks:

& other; Try to do a secret, don’t be on holiday, don’t in the holy place, and don’t like to marry the girl. Throughout the &;

hot, natural a bit self-righteous. However, don’t again so can? Purse encountered dangerous, have to save money, then had to point under large capital. To finally invented another reason, it is said that monks concubines to christians. Or the heat, pine said in another

& other; If the priest a kept woman, that our parish church, of course, is a great evil temptations, but if he is to infringe upon the chastity of women christians, it was the lure of the greater sin for christians. Throughout the &;

anyway, so finally found a way to both of us satisfied, the spirit of this marriage conforms to the church to resolve the problem, more important is in the interests of the church. The priest now can keep concubines grandly; The bishop and the Pope’s coffers, bonanza; And the priest married the threat to the Vatican has been ruled out. Today, but is those who actually observe the color of the vows of sinners priest, they call the bishops don’t get the latter very keen & other A kept woman tax & throughout; . However, west Baxter iv (1471 & ndash; 1484) to solve the embarrassing situation. He simplified procedures, require all the priest shall pay the tax, whether they have concubines. This method can not only, but also a advantage, that is not a sinner can slip past.

religiosity are often satisfied with such a request: & other; If not the sanctity of life, at least don’t blatant do shady. Throughout the &; This requirement has a long history, the earliest protest is from this point of view. In pavia conference in 1020, benny dick viii accused monk is mainly because they are not secretly crime, but obvious and clear among debacle. Damiani bishop is also in the 11th century wrote: & other If father secretly went to town, it still can tolerate, but open a kept woman, still carries a belly, with a group of noisy children, that is called the church felt shame. Throughout the &; Sometimes, the Pope did feel too lenient, conscience, sacre coeur’s wrath, aggravating the punishment, improve the priest illegal associating tax, and the range is very large. The Pope is great anger, there are two benefits: he relatively heavily on processing of sinners; The wealth of the church also increased.

monks in associating phenomenon is very common. Because this is the fact that household, so we just have two paragraphs. Turner wrote:

1563 under Austria five hereditary region monastery, are found in almost all the convent concubines, and his wife and children. For example a benedictine monastery in shaoxing, a total of nine monks seven concubines, nine two wives and their children; Eighteen Benedict friar, Stan had twelve concubines, twelve wife and twelve children; Agra forty nun has 19 children; And so on. Throughout the &;

on the same period of the Bavarian have such coverage: & other; The last time to inspect the Bavarian found bread is widespread, monks are not necessarily found in three or four people kept woman or no secret of his wife. Throughout the &;

because the church’s financial resources is to exploit the Labour of others, so the illegal certainly is not only meet the needs of nature, perform the marriage are more advanced than most pure contractual relationship forms, and will surely everywhere into consistent fornication. This must happen very early, because according to reasonable judgment should be so. At the beginning of the 12th century, the way of Germany, near cologne pater wrote the abbot:

& other; Some priests don’t want to get married, because marriage in violation of the law of the church; But not stunning, however, on the contrary, they are more dirty, because there is no any couple relationship constraints, they tend to be fickle. Throughout the &;

a few hundred years roughly. About 1520 nuremberg famous long poem “the victory of truth” in said:

& other; If a man has a woman isn’t enough, he would get two, three, see his happy. Which one is miss his meaning, then threw her to get one, as much as his. Throughout the &;

historical conditions decided the debauchery of moral. Louche lost any moderation and moral constraints. It has various performance and is often the group of tong Yin. Tens of thousands of monasteries became & other; Shameless and all sorts of bad habits of home & throughout; . In a monastery, in Persian and Venus, incense peak. The nun and prostitutes are often synonymous. There is a proverb said: & other; She is not a nun is a prostitute & throughout; . Another proverb says: & other; She was a prostitute, below the above is a nun. Throughout the &; And said: & other; Sister father a call, then open the door. Throughout the &; According to the public () speak their own truth, never in the world without Edward Chen nun. & other; Was supposed only three nuns: a ran away, another jump river drowned, the third to now have not found. Throughout the &; Everyone agrees that monks do bad things, only one opportunity to dry. The proverb says: & other; Both hands hold the cup to monks, otherwise groped his hand would be under the table. Throughout the &;

many brothels monastery is a thriving business. There are many proverbs and common saying: & other; Augustine’s sister to want the pillow at night soil has two heads & throughout; , & other; Many of the monastery, there are always two pairs of shoes under the bed & throughout; , & other; Monks brothers saw abbot there are pairs of shoes under the bed in the morning, the abbot said: which have weeds in the garden. Throughout the &; & rsquo; Confidential secretary booker hart said Rome said: & other; Roman almost all monasteries cover a multitude of SINS. Throughout the &; This sentence is suitable for Rome, also apply to the whole Christian world.

Germany, Spain, France, Italy and of course, is not a spread out is pure land many monasteries, customers always have at night, or men, or female guests. In many places, the monastery is the most noble favorite inn in this neighborhood. Jovian knight there is the most warm hospitality, Venus give him the most comfortable pleasure, anywhere else than monastery in this respect. Guests here, choutaibaichu, more wild than in a brothel, but also need not pay. Request for their just power, just abundant physical strength. A lot of novels and humorous stories have this aspect of the description. Monasteries are often the most interesting places of entertainment, and so the nobles often flocking here to stay, dance, music, play games, and other gifts to enjoy Venus. We know from many written records, in such a noble during the visit, the nun’s performance with the most sophisticated love than a priest. Such ninety percent at the end of the day will become entertainment group of tong Yin, any laws set and all desire any vent.