Cui always dollar professor do he want to resign To be the host has no future

& other; Communication university of career as soon as possible, I want to go when the teacher. Throughout the &; In the just ended at the golden eagle festival, the famous CCTV host cui yongyuan best host award, at the end of the awards on the night of the meet at a press conference, cui yongyuan revealed to the media own this new plan.


the cui yongyuan wore a white flower flower shirt, than on the TV screen thin, black a lot. Journalists association, in small cui new programs broadcast “thank god, you come, before it was once widely & other; Cui always dollar leaving CCTV to schools & throughout; . Cui yongyuan night word, making the rumor is confirmed. Won the best presenter award, was asked about the style difference between themselves and other host, cui always dollar: & other; Standing on the stage, my advantage is the age. So a group of people, only me in nearly 60 years. The judges gave me the prize, how many have comfort properties, because I did it is not easy for such a long time. Throughout the &;

earlier for a professor cui always dollar is going to resign, he admitted that he had really with CCTV, put forward to return to his Alma mater to teach, & other; But hope my part-time job in Taiwan, so I now is in a part-time job. But I still cling to an idea, it is turned as soon as possible, as you all know I is the future development in this industry, I hope that five years after a review of the national top ten professor, I can on the stage. Throughout the &;