Cultural decoding: “after” is before the zhou dynasty emperor title Son of heaven’s wife says “princess”

see & other; After & throughout; Words, we immediately think of & other; The queen & throughout; & other; Queen mother & throughout; Such as words related to the woman. But in ancient times, & other; After & throughout; Words on behalf of the male, is the embodiment of power, it is the symbol of the emperor, is the son of heaven.

According to the

yue: & other Later, after your body also. Like the shape of people. Orders to accuse the quartet, hair, and also after jun. Throughout the &; The book of songs & middot; business praise & middot; fenice “records: & other; By successively, was not dangerous, grandson in the scripts. Throughout the &; Zheng xuan depicting yue: & other; Later, also the prince. Throughout the &; “Said the book of history & middot; life”, said: & other; Tree after Wang Jungong, doctor to teachers. Throughout the &; “Mandarin & middot; weeks language” : & other Yesterday I gave after millet. Throughout the &; The book & middot; shun Canon “: & other; Class after the group. Throughout the &; “Zuo & middot; Xi male 32 years: & other; The summer after the tomb of gao also. Throughout the &; And so on, here & other; After & throughout; Refers to the monarch.

research above these, should also start with & other; After & throughout; The origin of the beginning.

& other; After & throughout; , not a Chinese, it with successively & other After & throughout; In ancient times is not the same word, this, we can see that in shuo wen jie zi “. In shuo wen jie zi “, included & other; After & throughout; At the same time, also includes & other; After & throughout; Word, & other; After the late also & throughout; . “The analects of Confucius & middot; harmony is also” : & other; Do not dare not, also after the horse into also. Throughout the &; “On & middot; see” long: & other; After the ancient is known. Throughout the &; Yili & middot; after the Chinese authorities “: & other Brother after the living. Throughout the &; The plain question & middot; the p5 zheng big theory: & other; After the air is. Throughout the &; And so on, here & other; After & throughout; Before and after, it is later, and we said just now & other; After & throughout; In ancient times is not the same thing, the wind and horse.

the ancient & other; After & throughout; Is a knowing words, it’s in the oracle, the lower left is a word, is a gathering at the upper right hand, which is actually a & other Department & throughout; Words. & other; After & throughout; Word is based on & other; Department & throughout; Word creation, method is to put the & other; Department & throughout; Word reverse writing, and then give new pronunciation, is we say now & other; Department & throughout; Become & other words mirror; After & throughout; . Wen-zhong jin & other; After & throughout; Word has a lot of appear, gathering up the hand has moved to the upper left. Summer Palace from & other; Common throughout the &; Family, is a group of company (customary, Stuart, syma, SiJi, etc.), one of the children and grandchildren dare not on a par with the emperor yu columns, such as is self-dispraise level, the & other; Department & throughout; Turned around to & other; After & throughout; Claim to be.

& other; After & throughout; In the zhou dynasty ago, is the title of emperor, then the son of heaven’s wife called & other; Princess & throughout; , & other; After & throughout; As the title of emperor a share for over 360 years. In the zhou dynasty, to get & other; Princess & throughout; Renamed & other; After & throughout; . Unified the six countries, the son of heaven said the emperor, the emperor’s wife, was called queen.

this article from: “guangzhou daily” of May 12, 2011 edition, the author: Liu Shaoyi, the original title: “& other after & throughout; in the ancient emperors’