Curios jade in explaining zhongxiang 500 million mansion: 1200 square meters (FIG.)

s calligraphy pottery antique furniture private photos & hellip; & hellip; Tibet is baby

s something only send not to sell, not to do membership

s reap the happy guest relatives and only

total area of 1200 square meters

1/f, Zhao4 zhong xiang2 calligraphy & other; View of the sea to tao & throughout; And Fan Ceng questions & other; Laozhao lounge & throughout;

studio, study on the second floor, there is a big desk in the studio, four treasures of the study is complete

3rd floor with all kinds of ceramics, antique

4 floor hardwood furniture, tea set

baby full of beautiful things in eyes


from the gala to the “zhengda variety show”, and “animal world”, zhao zhongxiang voice has become a symbol, despite the retreat in 2008 CCTV, but he still rely on in the people & other; The diffusion & throughout; TV character, active on the stage. Now, however, zhao zhongxiang is no longer be defined as ordinary host, he wrote poetry painting art collection at the continuation of life, these two years but also with & other; 500 million worth of private meeting place & throughout; And reputation. Recently, tianfu morning post reporter walked into near Beijing ten mile river crossing Scott private clubs, zhao zhongxiang dialogue. Chrysanthemum pear wood cabinet, annatto furniture, curios, jade, porcelain, and even private photos & hellip; & hellip; Said zhao zhongxiang, here is a few friends gathering place, & other; Who will I will be welcome. Treat how hard these days, but I was standing here, a great many good friends. Throughout the &;


items are no brand label

zhongxiang private cultural center area of about 1200 square meters, four layers. Puts in the clubhouse of chrysanthemum pear wood cabinet and annatto furniture, curios, jade, porcelain full of beautiful things in eyes. In Beijing, zhao zhongxiang private clubs have considerable reputation, in addition to the media has been divided into dozens of dial to visit, more attracted many celebrities have come. Yang LAN, ni ping, wang gang, and so on are club house guest, if you have time, zhao zhongxiang cook do best miscellaneous sauce noodles, to entertain guests.

pushed the door and see its calligraphy

the evaluation of the club, use & other; The collection value 500 million yuan & throughout; , & other The land is treasure & throughout; , & other Security comparable throughout 007 &; Such adjectives, there are some description about it & ndash; & ndash; With precious chrysanthemum pear wood cabinet and annatto furniture, curios, jade, porcelain full of beautiful things in eyes. Club, however, only a low profile hidden in Beijing sanhuan ten mile river crossing & other; Throughout the city & Asian cuisine; A relatively quiet village, east is near Beijing antique art collections market. Single look from the geographical location and appearance is not obvious, if not someone, it’s hard to find.

first suggested interview requests was two weeks ago, but zhao zhongxiang was recorded programs available, so the visiting time finally confirmed in 20, the same day at 11 o ‘clock, tianfu morning post reporter, under the guidance of a staff member at the club house to admission into the club visits.

through the door and push the first thing you encounter is zhao zhongxiang a calligraphy, letter & other; View of the sea to tao & throughout; Four characters. Walking in the sitting room on the ground floor, in addition to put the Chinese style furniture, a visible high painter-calligrapher Fan Ceng inscribed & other; Laozhao lounge & throughout; . Outside the club, there is a small garden.

photo spread at metope

of the club is permeated with elegant and fun. Escalator, is on the second floor of the stairs is a cloth of blue background simple studio set up, but without the need of film and video, the scene did not turn on the light. Have a passion for painters of zhongxiang also put their own studio and the study in this & ndash; & ndash; The studio has a size big desk, and the four treasures of the study is complete.

from the first floor to the fourth floor, zhao zhongxiang is engaged in decades of broadcasting and hosting guests with scattered in metope, in lens zhongxiang or engaging young, or young, even if some photos without special mounts, but still cannot conceal the master value and joy of her past.

on the third floor with all kinds of ceramics, antique, on the fourth floor is the hardwood furniture, tea set. But these items have not brands and labels, pottery has not been placed in the glass or do special protection box, just and orderly arranged on a frame.


is full of infrared cameras

so much and art collection, how to protect? According to the staff, on the one hand, is to arrange staff nurse; On the other hand, that will also install multiple cameras, infrared devices are more 24 hours monitoring, netizens called: & other; Absolute than optimal, shock throughout 007 &; . But zhao zhongxiang laugh, & other; A cabinet May 10 individuals to carry, it’s hard to say in two thieves took it away, this is not likely, but too little. Throughout the &;

precious objects hidden

since the 1970 s began to fascinating collection of zhongxiang won a & other; China’s top ten collectors throughout the &; Title, from jade to calligraphy and painting, will be in & other; Bottle & throughout; Is zhao zhongxiang collection, & other; The collection is most close to a year or two, to Beijing to see my friends, sometimes put one or two POTS here, even to me. Throughout the &;

however, zhao zhongxiang said too rare things can’t be in the public places, & other; Why do you say & lsquo; Collect & rsquo; The back to add a & lsquo; Hidden & rsquo; ? Throughout the &; Zhao zhongxiang a example, if a kiln of things over there for a while, who should be careful, broken, that is million yuan, & other; In public places, in the sitting room, can’t put some things too baby. I will be very careful, good things will have to put in a box, cabinets. Safe but I think no problem, I believe that to the one who is, won’t take a thing, this is absolutely assured. Throughout the &; Ready to sacrifice

but so much baby, there is no pressure? & other; No, I’m ready to & lsquo; Sacrifice & rsquo; , for it is one thousand, dinner may be broken dishes, let alone someone out in public places, one thousand have what mishap, the in the mind will have such tolerance. Too expensive, of course, here, in this way, just don’t care about themselves, don’t take it when the baby, and respect for the guest is not very, as if in breathing cannot too loud, that’s not freedom. Throughout the &;

if friends took a fancy to the & other; Bottle & throughout; , even though the truth & other; Someone I like throughout the &; , & other; Take it away, what! Now that others can send me, I can send someone else. Throughout the &; Zhao4 zhong xiang2 said: & other; I have no statistics, these things can really worth, you gave me broken get compensate how many money, I don’t know, so there is no this problem. Throughout the &;

have dialogue

don’t do the host painter


in 2008, zhao zhongxiang CCTV formally dealt with emeritus formalities, but he did not disappear from the screen, but active in each big variety show on the stage, dance dance, wear a wedding dress, become & other; Variety rocks & throughout; Is dye-in-the-wood.

note: will have a lot of your calligraphy, how to evaluate their own painting level?

zhao: I am a student of Huang Zhou, more than 30 years in China are the field of painting. If you don’t do the host, I can do a professional painter. Then do the host, focus is on the above, the host is everyone’s first impression of me, drawing again how to say it is amateur. You think can work, is better than a bad, bad than good.

note: why think of the guangxi TV “laozhao saloon” of recording moved here?

zhao: this is conferred with the guangxi TV, save their money. To here, we don’t accept a penny. Since everybody cooperation, I have such a condition, why should receive the money?

note: hand several program now?

zhao: there are four or five television station in doing, but fixed programs only “animal world”, “human and nature”. Retired workers still do the original post, China host may be I a. I like this profession, the audience also like me, just do it.

note: you have questions about your transformation of entertainment? What do you think?

zhao: this is normal, the individual has a personal opinion, as far as I can do, that I can not. To please others, says a common saying, is to respect you, I said before, is helpless, that I like it very much, but how many things in this world is you must like to do? Is a new program form appeared, I didn’t do it then do, say me to transition, did not know, I’m afraid.