Dare and MAO zedong against woman Ceng Zhi: face to face twice to “attack”

legendary female red army soldier Ceng Zhi was the first female member of the communist party in yizhang county, hunan province, a former vice minister of the department.

in April 1928, Ceng Zhi follow and led the southern hunan uprising troops in jinggangshan, began with a long-term relationship from now on.

recall seeing MAO zedong for the first time, Ceng Zhi fresh troops to jinggangshan to linghsien county stay Ceng Zhi leaning on her husband Cai Xie people around you to rest, listen to outside a louder voice shout: & other; Cai Xie people, old CAI, old CAI in it? Throughout the &; Voice did not fall people into the house, saw two people who haven’t had no time to stand up, people will say with smile: & other; Wow!!! Rib. Old CAI, good blessing! Throughout the &; Then took the stool to sit to their opposite, with smile to see them man and wife. Busy Cai Xie people pull Ceng Zhi said to her: & other; This is what I often and you about MAO zedong, Mao Run! Throughout the &; Ceng Zhi heard the name of the famous, didn’t immediately the tiredness, sitting next to, listen to MAO zedong and Cai Xie people. She said, & other I end auspicious with MAO zedong, the fraction of the black long hair, thin face, the eyes of wisdom, natural and unrestrained confident demeanor, sweet expression and dark. He was laughing, artful & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Since then, Ceng Zhi for MAO zedong without cabined feeling. This kind of feeling with her life.

in dumpling in November 1929, going back to MAO zedong’s forces, due to her pregnancy zizhen inconvenience army, MAO zedong then find Ceng Zhi confessed said: & other; Ceng Zhi, I want to take team to jiangxi, zizhen pregnant, can’t go with me, her to stay, by you responsible for take care of her. Throughout the &; Ceng Zhi is mistakenly assume that she left the job to take care of zizhen, couldn’t help fire: & other; I have my work, which have time to take care of her children! Throughout the &; MAO zedong heard also angry loudly say: & other; Is to take care of you! Throughout the &; She said with a loud voice: & other; Just don’t care! Throughout the &; & other; Be sure to take care of you! Throughout the &; & other; I am the cadres of the party, I have so much work to do, which can all go to nurse her? Throughout the &; MAO zedong this just know she understand wrong, break down, said: & other; Let you take care of her, and not let you day and night to care her, but that’s just want you to care about something. Throughout the &; Ceng Zhi then also know yourself wrong, very embarrassed to say: & other; Son Jane and I are good friends, and march are used together to eat sleep, I never care about her, take care of her, you don’t say I will do so, just is I misunderstood you mean. Throughout the &; MAO zedong said: & other; Understanding the good, then more please! Throughout the &;