Data showed that the universe is expanding speed slower than expected age 80 million

this morning Beijing time, the European space agency released according to & other; The Planck & throughout; Space probe drawn back to the data, so far the most accurate of the early universe, the cosmic microwave background radiation pattern. And, according to the expansion of the universe than previously expected to slow, so the universe’s age will be changed to 13.82 billion, 80 million more than the previous.

the European space agency director jean – Jacques & middot; Dole Dan said, this picture shows the & other; The big bang & throughout; After 380000 years of the universe. This data will be human’s perception of the birth of the universe and the subsequent expansion increase 20 times.

& other; The Planck & throughout; Detector in May 2009, the main task is to detect after the birth of the universe & other Embers & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; The cosmic microwave background radiation. The latest cosmic microwave background radiation pattern based on & other; The Planck & throughout; The original 15 and a half months to collect data.

& other; The big bang & throughout; The most widely accepted theory of the universe. According to this theory, the visible part of the universe now initially as a point less than the size of the atom, a second explosion, cooling, far more than the speed of light, expansion, and in more than 130 years later expanding to today’s status.