“Daughter” refers to the outstanding man Metaphor girl began in the yuan dynasty

modern people traditionally called the identity of unmarried women & other; Miss daughter & throughout; To show their respect. In fact, & other; Daughter & throughout; The term originally refers to the man.

& other; Daughter & throughout; The word first appeared in “a history of the south, southern liang, a famous litterateur Xie Zhuang had a son named xie Fei, ten years old can speak correctly. One day, Xie Zhuang took the son to accompany the emperor travel gusu (). Play in the process, the emperor heard that xie Fei is very talented, and let him to write a “hole well praise” on the spot. And then thank Fei pages, & other; The writing is faultless., signing pen into & throughout; . The emperor is surprised: & other; Is small, the child also. Throughout the &; One side of the prime minister also to congratulate Xie Zhuang: the efficacy of & other; Xian zi says a child prodigy, complex for tactel later. Throughout the &; Words heard Xie Zhuang be elated, patting his son on the back said: & other; My daughter home! Throughout the &; Xie Fei grew up not only a writer, but also as to ministers. After hundreds of years, & other; Daughter & throughout; The word has been used to describe outstanding man, having both ability and political integrity.

to & other; Daughter & throughout; A word to describe the girl began in the yuan dynasty. Yuan drama “xue li pleasantly surprised,” there is a line: & other; Miss, also I have a daughter of common people, you are the daughter of senators, miss please since the reliable and convenient. Throughout the &; Ming and qing later literary novel scripts, a large house girl is generally called & other; Daughter & throughout; , & other; Miss daughter & throughout; The appellation stuck. From the Beijing evening news