Dawei jiang: art can in no way to enter through the back door Not to ill lip-synching

(reporter Luo Ying) on May 15, dawei jiang will be held in the great hall of the people & other; The most beautiful songs dedicated to mom & throughout; To sing, this is his first solo concert in Beijing. Don’t invite any guest people; Concert in order to guarantee & other; Sing & throughout; , but also invite relevant institutions to site supervision. Dawei jiang wants to audiences at home and listen to the CD can be found at the scene of the feeling.

more than two hours, more than 20 song sung, 90% are classic red songs, now so & other; It & throughout; The concert is not much, dawei jiang also have experience greatly, & other; Now a lot of solo concert to invite famous host and some of the famous singer has proved host guests talking and singing accounts for quite some time, actually oneself sing a few, this concert is very relaxed, but is not fair to the audience. Throughout the &;

dawei jiang was past sixty, but he said, & other; As a professional singer, two or three hours of continuous singing is completely no problem, and there is a foundation of young when a soldier, I at ordinary times is pay attention to diet, health and sports, even if a lot of work now, sometimes in the road all day, sleep a few hours, I still can keep good energy and physical strength, a lot of young people all envy me. Throughout the &;

because in the circle of fame, dawei jiang admitted that there are many famous singers to find your want to be a guest appearance at a conference in music, and directly put forward to singing in the music conference in back, dawei jiang very cautious, because in his experience, sometimes singers will suddenly lip-synching, on grounds of ill at the scene, & other; My request is only two, one must have the strength, to sing, singing in the band accompaniment by strength must be, who I also useless, art can in no way to enter through the back door. Throughout the &; In order to prove this concert is real really sing, dawei jiang will please go to the Beijing notary office and the ministry of culture related supervision department at the scene of the authority to supervise, this is the first time in solo concert.

as a whole, a concert at the great hall of the people has always been dawei jiang dream, but he also admitted that the great hall of the people the acoustics is not very ideal, & other; When I went to see the performance often see hundreds of people in the band to play on the stage, but the audience doesn’t listen to all voices & throughout; , so the dawei jiang decided to solve this problem on their own music meeting, & other; This stage will be the orchestra, electroacoustic band and some distinctive ethnic Musical Instruments, we purchased more than 80 microphones and advanced mixing equipment, then the stage before every instrument has a microphone, with separate tracks, so again faint sound can also be the audience to hear clearly. Throughout the &;