Day novel secret life sold sold 40 million copies because “give a man confident”

are looking for a man living in the story of

a Japanese historical novel flag bearer said the famous writer with Mr Tai ying recently launched the “secret life” series volume 26 “minds”, since 1999, as a historical novel debut for more than ten years of the “secret life” series is packaged. Japanese media said, in 40 million of the sales miracle “historical novels are very popular, largely because the reader from the story he found a man’s living.

in 2700, according to Japan’s nikkei entertainment magazine stores nearly a year and a half to sales data of one hundred best-selling author list, with “Thai English master of tolo keigo came second after reasoning, it serves to show its power in the eyes of readers. However, was a late bloomer “” ty the” secret life “series first composed in 1999 when the call on! Cut cold month chardonnay is 57 years old, he has published more than 30 essays and crime novel, both stop at the first stage, the circulation is negligible. In writer career crisis, press edit truth tell to him, to assist job opportunities, perhaps only faculties novels and history novels.

“historical novel” Thai English quite admired Japan guru shibata saburo and smelting fujisawa his drought-striken fields, decided to focus to historical novel creation. & other; Want to continue to make a living by writing, only conforming to the opinions of the editor, so he wrote “the secret life”. Throughout the &; With the English words of “tai regrets and helpless.

the secret life of the first “call on! Cut cold month chardonnay” describes the edo period after abundant phase LiangFan subordinates samurai kanasugi 惣 saburo accept Lord of life, into the street, edo by killing sword will eliminate the enemy. However, press after receipt of the manuscript is delayed, finally reluctantly agreed to the library this small size, low price. Didn’t expect the book only 10 days, which sold out, the publishers immediately decided to not only republishes, also please assist “under the British stepped up efforts to complete a.

a good beginning, with “Thai English more consider is how to add modern elements, in historical novels is to attract readers from history for a contemporary life. He, from the perspective of the invincible jianhao, step by step to show his 惣 saburo remarried, and family distress, son for the growth of the plot, makes the “secret life” in a & other Open-minded to new jianhao novel about life in the edo era street & throughout; At the same time, both the affinity of the family novels.

with “Thai English is always feeling after the bubble economy collapse, Japanese men have no confidence. Lifetime employment gone, men can no longer rely on the company to reflect their own value, even in the family, his father’s influence is also increasingly weak. & other; Thought of these, I decided to looking for a man living in this story. Maybe just dream story, but at least when reading, can be sad forgotten. Throughout the &; Zc, tai ying said he hope readers can from the history of heroes in the novel back the feeling of a man.