Decoding Mr Feng shui xu meishan: first principle is the five elements in enlightening

Mr Decoding

from his childhood beaten, released his uncommon fate, feng shui is his life’s layout, it is his every move

xu meishan like yellow, I don’t like white. This, he says, is its own & other; Throughout life &; .

he is research & other; Throughout life &; . From 18 years old to now, he has been studying for nearly 30 years. Currently, he is the President of Chinese society for the study of I ching.

feng shui life-style

I wake up every morning, the meishan xu will subconsciously think of two things: one, can’t take a shower; Second, can not drink milk.

both are water. His horoscope in water, can’t old to add water, otherwise it will cause & other; The flood & throughout; May lead to some problems, kidney, bladder, urinary system will also be a problem.

and water in his little girl of eight, he told his wife, don’t give the child to drink yogurt.

to go out, he will remind yourself don’t wear black clothes & ndash; & ndash; In the five lines of gossip, black on behalf of the water.

color is yellow in his office. When choosing office building, but also have a crush on the outer wall of the yellow. He liked the feeling surrounded by yellow & ndash; & ndash; In the five elements, yellow attribute is soil. And his eight short of soil.

his horoscope is lack of fire. He the computer on the desk is open when not in use, is to have a temper; He is now a days to smoke a lot, but also to make up for the fire in the body;

let someone smoking, he will ask the other person’s birth month, then decide to don’t advise you to smoke. Heard that the reporter was born in February, he said, your horoscope is wood, can come to a ignition, & other; Wood fire lit only success & throughout; .

he taboo white, rarely see white in his office. He can’t eat chicken, can not drink milk, drink milk have loose bowels, like induction.

his office sits southwest to the northeast, he sat in the room northwesterly direction. , he says, it also has exquisite: northwest represent dry in gossip, is one of the biggest sticks and its five lines is gold; Guests sit is the east, five line is wood. In the life of the five lines of g relations, metal restricting wood, and so on, the guests sitting opposite him honestly listen to his speech.

in his left hand side, there is a higher clothes closet, the right has a shorter stool, there’s a picture behind words, written & other; To day Thai & throughout; . He said that the decoration of the set of in feng shui, is & other; After left tsing lung, right white tiger, QianZhuQiao, basaltic & throughout; . In feng shui culture in China, this is the best feng shui layout.

to buy a house, he chose a Beijing fangzhuang community. The village entrance is small, the move down inside the wide. And he said, more walk more, a symbol of the treasure land.

summer, air conditioning water will drop on the window of the house, to form water. In meishan xu opinion, this is a symbol of wealth.

big daughter go abroad to study, when choosing a destination he to account for a result: the daughter was born in summer, lack of gold and water in life. Europe is on the west of China, in the five elements in the west for gold; Shortage of water in the coastal countries looking, and finally found the Ireland is surrounded by the sea.

similarly, the use of five selected countries, with his eldest daughter seems to have known the fate: his daughter’s name is LAN LAN, and the Chinese translation of the Irish, is & other; Love you LAN LAN & throughout; .

now, LAN LAN in the wet state will have a good life, self-care ability is very strong. When a year have a holiday home, the father would let her learn some of the “book of changes”. But this is the daughter of western culture, seem to be any interest in feng shui. Little girl to have fun, let xu meishan seem to see when I was a child.

this in susceptible to some complex and amazing life, xu meishan has been for many years. Now, his time each month to stay in Beijing is only five days or so, the rest of the time for service consultant unit, or invited to some lectures on feng shui. In a corner of his office, was a clutter of visitors from all kinds of gifts. One of his colleagues to tell a reporter, now want to find xu meishan see feng shui, want to make an appointment in advance, and the price does not poor.

apprentice years

xu Yu Jiang meishan was born in jiangxi province county a small family of intellectuals. Passed from generation to generation in the family of the profession has two kinds: one is a teacher, is a doctor. At a local school to do school doctor’s father, hope he to follow. In meishan small xu, my father began to give him a lot of medicine, especially the enlightenment of the Chinese medicine. But those with feng shui cognate words of traditional Chinese medicine, no led xu meishan medical road, but as he opens the door of mysterious. Young, he always looking at the stars, thinking a question will be accompanied by his life: in the five elements, wood why grams earth?

Yu Jiang county is located in the north of jiangxi province. From the situation of China sent the birthplace of feng shui & ndash; & ndash; Institute, about 250 km. There is a dragon in the county, is the important birthplace of Taoism in China, only a dozen kilometers from meishan xu hometown. The young xu meishan often see some Taoist priest to see feng shui. This mysterious profession can pinch will be counted, meishan xu has a mysterious attraction.

the painful experiences of childhood, exacerbated by his passion for the mysterious force. Meishan, grandpa xu is a kuomintang officer, after the defeat with the kuomintang (KMT), went to Taiwan. In the class struggle as the key link of s, the fatal & other; The stain & throughout; Make their home in a tough position. Xu meishan elementary school, often beaten, sometimes beat him three or four people, unable to fight back, and no escape, this feeling of despair in his heart still cannot be erased. Every time his, he has a strong idea: do I have to have an extraordinary ability.

at the beginning, he began to learn martial arts. This process continued off and on for 4 years. Like feng shui, the martial arts also speak of Yin and Yang, internal work for Yin, external force for Yang. Some forms of martial arts, such as routine, five elements boxing, etc., is a balance of Yin and Yang of kung fu. In feng shui practitioners, & other; Athletic & throughout; Also many.

learn homecoming, xu meishan do, the first thing is to find those who had bullied him, & other; Let them taste the terrible & throughout; .

from the age of 18, meishan began to learn from master xu yi jing. Learn is the earliest birth horoscope, it well with the people. Scholars usually want to buy some meat, bear some meters, even for a period of time in the master home & other Long & throughout; . Based on the policy environment, the teacher usually don’t foreign said xu meishan is his apprentice, only a distant relatives.

since the last century, in competition with the west often war often hurt the Chinese people, to consider the cause of the weak in China, and finally found in traditional culture & other; Throughout the crux &; . So, once stretches for thousands of years of Chinese traditional culture, begin losing under the attack of the science. Not only was the official rejection, also become a sensitive word in private. Not only try to be low-key, feng shui master collect disciple people Mr Feng shui also must be careful, please. Folk like to invoke a, called & other; The wind into night, moistens everything silently & throughout; .

China folk geomantic flagship Shao Weihua characters, once held in hubei feng shui training course in the 1990 s, therefore was caught several times.

at that time, xu meishan Yu Jiang county high school. He don’t know anything about English math, but have a special liking to prose. To do morning reading every day, the other people to read English, but he heads nodding to read ancient prose, also stand up show, immersion. The classmates, from persuaded the teacher put him out of the classroom. Since then, he took the position of transferred to a nearby hill.

xu meishan personality traits is typical of the feng shui. “China news weekly” by feng shui practitioners found that this group of people have some common features: thinking usually slightly & other; Throughout & way of doing things; , like some mysterious things, such as magic, most people are fascinated by traditional culture, some people to read a religion.

reading GuWenShi, xu meishan can actually read a metamorphosis. It is like a gift for a geomancer. Mr Good feng shui an important standard, is must have good space imagination. Somebody tell you, for example, one sits in the house, have a tree on the left, on the right side of the river, in front of the field, slope behind, must immediately can you draw a picture, and then say where good where is bad.

xu meishan before and after a total of 17 master. Including research gossip, with research faces, and study the special dun armour. Just heard that special dun armour, he thought it was a door in dungeons, afterwards just know is a prediction. At present, the special dun armour has become one of his signature. Some way not shallow feng shui, also specially looking for him to learn it.

the college entrance examination in 1986, xu meishan failed. Since then, he cram for two years, want to fill my math and English and found like this two things, like let he doesn’t like ancient prose, absolutely impossible.

after graduating from high school, he worked in a local factory for two years, under the teacher recommended south guangdong, began the journey of feng shui. In a factory in Taiwan as a consultant for a start, foreign people said to be the boss of the driver.

at this point, at the forefront of reform and opening up places such as guangdong, fujian, feng shui has been making the people, but everyone knows, only do not say.

since then, he from guangdong to fuzhou, then to Shanghai. Master numerous coupled with a good understanding, he began his fame in Shanghai, with four units as a feng shui consultant and began to accept disciple.

mentoring runescape

xu meishan enlightening the first important principle, is five line to us. On his own, avoid water to a figure of eight & other; A piece of water & throughout; Certainly not.

later, he make a copy of this principle to the consultant unit selection. If the feng shui consultant unit boss, he will be very cautious in the cooperation. Once a bad symptom, will end the cooperation.

his enlightening another principle, is to have understanding. Feng shui master, in his opinion, not everyone can do, it needs some three-dimensional imagination. In “I ching” something powerful and unconstrained style, based on the relationship between the five elements, for example, the change of the source of gossip and symbols, requires extraordinary imagination.

now, xu meishan is committed to the popularization of feng shui. This is actually a process of lenovo. Gossip, for example, the first is dry, why is it in the northwest bearing. Xu is the explanation of meishan, no matter look from the history and reality, the northwest is a king of bearing. Many emperors from the northwest, entering the central plains area of minority tough and aggressive, guarding the frontier official here, often development for the strength to fight the court finally.

in five lines of wood, earth, xu meishan explanation is: wood planted in soil, absorb the nutrients in the soil, grow on your own, and the barren land.

these with a strong color of lenovo account, although the authority is not enough, but to break the feng shui of mysticism go a long way, so he thinks this is feng shui industry & other; Positive energy & throughout; .

feng shui scholars have a program, to find a sponsor in the industry. Its role is that once the student has a problem, the master will deal with him together and sponsor.

behind this awareness, the feng shui industry is the mentoring relationship a reality: has told thousands of years with the Confucian tradition is different, in feng shui underground growth industry for a long time, the lack of regulations, the living space is limited, the internal competition is very fierce, sometimes even to the extent of the mentoring other attacks. One industry veteran feng shui master to tell China news weekly, one of his disciples housekeep soon, the teacher taught him a set of things as your original.

based on this, the feng shui master to teach kung fu, usually have some reservations. A capability of kung fu, one thousand one hundred percent to apprentice, there may be only eighty percent, and the level may be only sixty percent. And sixty percent of kung fu through the packaging, this person may dare claim on this door kung fu & other; The unique & throughout; .

in virtue untrustworthy, under the background of teacher and pupil mutual suspicion, an exclusive secret now want to learn more and more difficult.

besides transmission capability of diminishing, the content of the inheritance. Feng shui branches numerous, due to run in the ground for a long time, not a public platform to their interactions, feng shui is divided into each corner of the fragments. This lack of integrity led heritage is easy to appear deviation, may end up far from the real feng shui is more and more.

according to China news weekly, the survey found now feng shui training market is growing rapidly, but the content of the training is multifarious, one thing there are many explanations, some even contradict each other. These things to the market, confusion is inevitable. Reporters outside the lama temple different hexagrams booth bligh four hexagrams, found that the content of the competing accounted for almost half. Including inspection of the two stand, a number of strokes the reporter name into 22, became a number 23.

in 2009, xu, President of the Chinese society for the study of I ching meishan replacement, former President of Li Zhaoyao hopes to him is: see if you can bring this body to see the light of day. The so-called & other; See the light of day & throughout; , which is able to find a competent department & ndash; & ndash; With the domestic other feng shui agency, due to not registered in mainland China, Chinese society for the study of I ching is a agency registered in Hong Kong. It on the mainland has a name, called Beijing JiYuan great culture communication co., LTD.

xu meishan, says he now holds the unprofitable feng shui training don’t give up, is hope one day to & other; Positive & throughout; And hope to relying on years of professional operation, to win the opportunity to cooperate with the government.

as more and more highly educated people into the fengshui industry, the government to regulate the conditions of forming: these in the system of science of young people grow up, don’t want to make the xuan feng shui and xuan explanation.

now, meishan xu family has three relatives to follow his style water: one is the son of his cousin, one is the son of his beloved sister, one is the daughter of his cousin. Was graduated last year and is a graduate student of tsinghua. U

(interns Ma Aili and surya, have contributed to this article)