Decryption yingda father ruocheng ying play outside life: for many years engaged in intelligence work

yingda father ruocheng ying

life is like a play, everyone is an actor, and audience; Both in & other; Play & throughout; And in & other; Play & throughout; Outside. & other; Autobiography & throughout; , & other Memoirs & throughout; Is the author director from a play, & other; Play & throughout; Prototype is in his life, the role of the show is in your life. Some authors true to life, & other; Play & throughout; In & other; Play & throughout; Outside the unity; Some moment thinking & other; The audience throughout the &; Feelings, pull & other; Play & throughout; Outside, such as ruocheng ying.

in his later years, on his deathbed ruocheng ying to review of his life, in English to an American scholar, li tells the story of his life. The cloud water flow in the 41 is kang li according to its open on tape to sort out, first published in America in 2008, translated into Chinese in 2009 published in mainland China.

in Chinese & other; Introduction & throughout; , kang li said: open & other; This is he want others to hear more about the memoirs of his life. & hellip; & hellip; A major event for the record, selective, representative & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

“cloud water in” like ruocheng ying play gives us a & other; Play & throughout; . & other; Play & throughout; Name from du fu “Jiang Ting” in the poem: & other; Water heart race, cloud care later. Throughout the &; River flood, with scores of vicissitudes of life, a carefree cloud and people’s mind. This is the great tao waves after peace, or is it in & other; Play & throughout; Outside of the calm.

in the & other; Play & throughout; Ruocheng ying in the biggest influence to him & other; The cultural revolution & throughout; In the three years in prison life experience in the beginning, occupied one third of the scenes.

in his dictation, he somehow high to prison, in waiting for doing nothing, confused practice the people heard the footsteps of dishes from the dinner porridge rare stiff extraordinary sensitive. He recited tell yourself how to for get more free and acting dry, how addicted to such as secret arts and crafts, with fellow inmates crafts, so that & other Don’t have time to obsess thoughts & throughout; . He also designed a game for everyone, telling jokes, teaches inmates how chess & hellip; & hellip; So easy and fun, so much so that his son yingda heard the experience in the youth think father was to go & other; To play a few years & throughout; And even very yearning.

in the eyes of ruocheng ying, prison without hitting abuse, common punishment is imposed on knees. Over the years, the memory filter, is presented to him of his fellow inmates small soap concept, is & other; Survival instinct & throughout; While & other; To find their own job & throughout; Fun, there is a good thing and fellow inmates share when sharing weal and woe.

in the next section, ruocheng ying tells the story of his family and his nobility of childhood, which account for one-third of the scenes. He has a prominent family, his grandfather had founded of the folding of the “da gong bao and furen university, my grandfather is the tianjin university (i.e., peiyang university) founder, father the Trinidad was at the London school of economics”, a professor at the university of fu jen, during the battle of the local arrangements to fly to Taiwan by the kuomintang government, mother had instructed tianjin st. Joseph girls’ school, then head of providence women learn & hellip; & hellip;

we see how his grandfather by shaking briquette such poor son of the legendary miraculously grow up to be a gentleman, catholics, and founded & other; The British family & throughout; , his father how to handing down of the cause and spirit of their life. See not hard, ruocheng ying is proud, inheriting the achievements and spirit of the family became one of his responsibilities.

this & other; Play & throughout; The rest is about a third of his art and political career. Present a more, however, is that he as an artist, it tells the story of a lot of his part in the story behind the stage art, for example, he will be the death of a salesman “onto the stage, he in the United States Kansas city star & other; King Lear & throughout; The role of the dead, and so on, but on one has brought his political career. We see is his life as an artist, has forgotten his political career.

, for example, why is he in prison? In the & other; Play & throughout; In the mentioned is due to & other; Work for comrade peng zhen & throughout; , also mentioned the collecting message, but specific do what work? How to do? The fate of a turning point for each specific situation is how? He is how to rehabilitate out of jail? How did he get in the age of material with the scarcity of food to entertain guests? Have contact with foreigners at that time might be suspected spy case how he often at home and foreign friends to get-together with no problem? All of these, in the & other; Play & throughout; Is vague.