Delay and mages are cool to use IPHONE: the monk also get progress

delay and mage called & other; Throughout most of the monk &; Do not wave get hollow reputation, in an interview yesterday, many of his & other; Eva & throughout; Quotations from straight to coke, Reid tender.


low society’s progress, so my dialect, everyone can tolerate.

low family know that I am very red, his little student family also know that they are not red.

my biggest confusion is height, because I grow too high, they call me the monk.

I want to thank mo yan, he forward a few days ago my tencent weibo. Results a few days, suddenly a pie hit down, he received a prize, joint and several I have also been a lot of his fans.

by the end of the matter a lot, such as prepare for launch next year individual programs and rehearse a play what ah. I’ll not gala at the meeting? Now online has revealed some clues, but have to keep it a secret.

I think thirty years, not three or four years, you also have a dialect! I’ve heard that you called plane & other hubei The plane & throughout; ?

low what person I hate? Recently I hate that, Japan’s prime minister, said later, little student, teacher, you see his face discolored. I felt somebody else also pretty poor, don’t hate.

marriage must be thinking, divorce must be cautious.

& other; Guess it into the thorn rope well, life is chop it back to sway & throughout; Yesterday afternoon, chongwen book readers with hundreds of wuhan city & other; Cangzhou mandarin & throughout; , Shouting out & other; Life is so wonderful, life is so brilliant & throughout; . They are reading & other; Quotations & throughout; , from & other; The monkey & throughout; Video and across the network & other Throughout most of the monk &; Delay the mage refs. The 50-year-old hebei cangzhou hidden temple abbot, had just arrived in han signing a new book “the monk is a bit of”.

signing the audience, stood against the hundreds of people, many readers besides out his phone and take photos, also didn’t forget open the recording function, record delay and mage to the classic & other; Jc’s & throughout; . A college girls recording while secretly said to nearby companions, & other; I am busy, this voice records when the ring is quite good. Throughout the &;

countless camera and microphone to yourself at the same time, it didn’t scare recently active in each big television, the delay and the mage of all kinds of entertainment. He smiled and said good morning with you, is active up signing activity of male host: & other; You are selling books, how also shave baldheaded? Throughout the &;

in order to promote his new book, the previous delay wizard with a few disciple has traveled 12 cities throughout the country. In this new book, collected nearly 700 he and his little student in real life humorous dialogue, also equipped with a large number of characters in the book illustration, and by young people of his affinity & other; Throughout embryonic form &; Lifelike. When someone asked about the book & other; Little student & throughout; Who is, delay and mage said: & other; I have a lot of little student, many are orphans, six or seven years, and he followed me. Although patted me on the run to the temple now lots of people, but also good, little student didn’t photographed. Throughout the &;

before becoming a monk who work in the media, to delay mages have a special liking to a book, he quipped: & other; This is all my seventh book, but books are not special fire before, I’ve wondered. Then someone said, mo yan, do you think you are out of a fire. Slowly I found that she couldn’t keep to write some truth, now young people life rhythm are soon, don’t have time to see you. So I decided to write short, close to life, let others better. It’s not, I the new book is selling very well! Throughout the &;

signing over, delay said mage breath a sigh of relief, and other In the evening I will arrive to lecture to huazhong agricultural university, for college students to talk about life. This year I have a big event, to colleges and universities across the country speaking tour & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

with a few little student assistants, chasing all the way by the media of flash. In yesterday’s media interview time, wearing yellow robe, height of 1 meter 8 and mage so have a good & other Star fan & throughout; To play. Sure enough, as legend, delay and mage in front of the media is highly sense & ndash; & ndash; Before your questions, and he will take the initiative to speak up and hubei origin: & other; I came to wuhan two days before, I told to yuan temple abbot long seal and so on all is a friend, we do charity together; Hubei province is the place that is very important to Buddhism, the fourth ancestral temple and fifth ancestral temple here & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

however, all of these are not particularly interested in, delay and the mage’s words soon interrupted by all kinds of questions. Obviously, everybody on overnight BaoGong network delay and the mage is a what kind of people are more interested in.

and some question before extending to the mage and apprentice with the IPHONE, tablet, delay and mages are cool response: yesterday & other; In the social progress, economic development, the monks have to progress, if you expect the monk what also have no, then you can be too vicious. Throughout the &; Words are also fully shows the buddhist middleman & other; Keep pace with The Times & throughout; .

you see, my weibo now millions of fans, but also constantly increased, and I don’t know what’s going on.

delay and mage is suddenly fire recently, because, of course, that on the emei mountain with monkey speak & other; Rope life & throughout; In the video. & other; That was in 2009, mount emei tourism are invited, other useful part in the promotion, but don’t know what is this passage which little student posted online. Throughout the &; Delay the mage said, before this year, & other; Is 40 people click & throughout; , which know, suddenly on the fire.

delay and mage said he was in changchun book signing, suddenly got a phone call from his little student panic, & other; The teacher ah, can not, have a lot of media to find you, cell phone should be ringing off the hook. Throughout the &;

for sudden fame, delay and the mage also seems to have enjoyed: & other; There is a small disciple has asked me, master, what red can you do? I said to him, you this silly child, teacher of fire, is not fit to the temple of stray dogs earn some dog food? Throughout the &;

& other; You see, my weibo now millions of fans, but also constantly increased, & I don’t know what is going on throughout; , the mage while he was speaking, boast beyond words. When someone asked & other; Are you China’s fire mage & throughout; , as if to show modesty, delay and mage: & other; China is the most fire mage of tang’s monk, he returned to India to obtain buddhist scriptures, changan town. What do you think I come to wuhan, which have so many people come to see me! Throughout the &;

absorbs the netizens have ran the temple, to chat with me. There are all kinds of mobile phone text messages. Sometimes I also hide tweeting at 10 p.m.

now busy & other; Bitter & throughout; Unbearable speech

what is your daily life? Delay and mage bite: & other; Actually buddhist nothing mysterious ah, my daily life is busy, get up at 5 o ‘clock in the morning, have been too busy to go to bed at 9 PM. After famous, more busy, it is too busy to suffer. Throughout the &;

& other; Used to give the student in class every day, reception of pilgrims and so on, although now or do these things, but absorbs the net friend also ran the temple, to chat with me. There are all kinds of mobile phone text messages, and I hope to give them help. Throughout the &; Delay – mage in the life the biggest feeling, is to look for his people have to cope with more is not finished, & other; Sometimes I also hide tweeting at 10 PM, but as long as be small disciples found, they will be harshly criticized me. I’m afraid they are tube I, about democracy. Throughout the &;

but so busy, busy also benefits, & other; I have higher fees, royalties, focus on charity donations to people also many, the money is spent on care left-behind children, left-behind old people and children in rural China serious illness medical insurance, etc., and do good work. Throughout the &; Delay and mage said.

the fuel of the car from my paid out, of course, I love dearly. If you ask me how much hope prices go, that’s a piece of money, I think.

nothing to complain about, in addition to high oil prices

& other; I live to more than 50 years old, should have nothing to complain about, if you asked me what I want to complain about what, that is the price is too high! Throughout the &; When asked if want to complain about something, delay and mage suddenly on oil prices & other; Fun & throughout; .

allegedly, delay and the mage is a Volkswagen car, which he did not deny: & other; This is to match the temple, I won’t open, are small disciple in the open for me. I am most afraid of & lsquo; Road killer & rsquo; , also take him to the driving school to study well. Throughout the &;

& other; The fuel of the car from my payment, of course, I love dearly. You don’t agree with me, then you have as soon as possible, then you will know that prices have much cruel! If you ask me how much hope prices go, that’s a piece of money, I think. Well, actually I have no too deep to these concepts. Throughout the &; Delay and the mage now & other; Eva & throughout; State.

reporter OuYangChunYan