Demos: I don’t like “Chiang’s fourth generation” want to do “first generation”

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demos autobiographical book launch in Beijing

about & other; The fourth generation family & throughout; Demos grow, their experiences of the aristocracy of the edge of the cliff and its companion piece “the cliff path” by the China youth press. On September 6th in the afternoon, demos made a special trip from Taipei direct flight to Beijing to attend the book launch, a dialogue with the famous TV host Yang LAN. At the same time, to its previous refers to “the edge of the aristocratic demos: another expression of Chiang dynasty book infringement, demos also responded at the scene.

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demos, according to “the edge of the cliff noble” Taiwan version published in 2006, dictated by demos, Jiang You brothers often, writers Zhang Dianwen writing, it was to commemorate the 10th anniversary of his father Chiang hsiao-yung died. In his book, his brother to the Chiang family history and characters, especially in the family, house rules, tutors, etc all have narrative, such as the great grandmother, grandfather, Chiang ching-kuo, or a father Chiang hsiao-yung and so on. But the key point of this book is how the two brothers are hard and firmly out of the family and the aura of history, to reposition themselves, choose a new path in life, to start my own business & ndash; & ndash; Creation of orange fruit design company, started their own youth free life.

in the demos personally wrote the “the cliff path,” he claimed, & other; I don’t like the somebody else say I am & lsquo; Chiang’s fourth generation & rsquo; , I like when I own & lsquo; Chiang’s first generation & rsquo; . In order to myself and my children, I prefer to abandon the & lsquo; The fourth generation & rsquo; The remaining political interests of the aristocracy, from scratch to start my own new world. No matter my career in the future, or all my life in vain, after my son asked me if I don’t hope he is & lsquo; Chiang’s second generation & rsquo; , I’ll go back to he said without hesitation: & lsquo; I want you to do your own Chiang’s first generation & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

in the day before yesterday’s dialogue quiz, demos, emphasize its is oneself leave politics, walk yourself’s road, as well as the entrepreneurial process encountered setbacks and insight, inspiration, etc. In regard to how the mainland in the different historical period for the evaluation of the change, Chiang kai-shek demos did not answer. & other; I had to go back to Taiwan was suppressed, and the results found a friend in this way (mainland) & hellip; & hellip; For me personally, he is one of my relatives, I don’t have any particular views, is a part of my body blood, might be the next generation to me, perhaps they will see more objectively. Throughout the &;

litigation court decisions such as

after the demos that Zhou Weijun, jiangsu people’s publishing house published “the edge of the aristocratic demos: Chiang dynasty another expression of infringement of their rights, lake the people’s court in the city, and claims more than 200 200 yuan. In the activities of the day before yesterday, demos deals with the matter.

demos, said mother saw tort book airport in mainland China, last year launched a judicial process. & other; The book has a special meaning for me, is in memory of my father. Not only use the part I of this book, and I wrote some other things. I just ask you to apologize, as a result, you think I am a bad man. Throughout the &;

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after Zhou Weijun has published manuscript writing purpose, significance, data, pictures, use by phone, email, instant messaging (MSN) with the demos orange fruit design company Huang Youting, director of public relations to communicate, also send manuscript there to each other, looking for audit, to this, they said repeatedly recognition, without any problems. Demos expressed, & other; To represent my personal, not my company, and all these things belong to my personal. Now has entered the judicial process, I was waiting for the result. In the event, I think both sides have their own position. Throughout the &; He also revealed that the new book “jiang tao design will also be published by the middle of, oneself is writing book 19 circle of hell. (Beijing)