Destiny handwritten letter is lost in the taxi chengdu city search (figure)

August 28, chengdu cornford higher car rental co., LTD., the owner and the police (c) the remake with the surveillance video.

has targeted the taxi.

destiny letter envelope.

& other; Destiny letter left in the taxi & throughout; Tracking report

reporter what Trainee reporter Yang tao XunChao photography

Important clue for the

after urgent looking for all day yesterday, have been identified and destiny letter fell on a taxi, not car

continue to look for

huaxi media call center will continue to avid reader opening, if someone pick up this letter, or there are other clues, please dial 96111, repatriation have ChongXie

27 at 9 PM, a precious and destiny from being & other; Throughout the china-north Korea art exhibition &; Head of one of the lost Matthew flat. Once the matter is, this newspaper reported immediately to cause the attention of the city residents. Many readers call to ask the latest news, digital readers own search scheme is given. Yesterday, the west China metropolis daily reporter an exclusive follow Matthew and his colleagues Paul peng wang ping, head of the organisers to several relevant units to search for clues, the whole process runs smooth.

as of press time, 9 o ‘clock last night and destiny letter is still not found. Today, the west China media call center will continue to avid reader opening, if someone pick up this letter, or there are other clues, please call 96111, repatriation, ChongXie.


early in the morning to suspected rental

& other; Find a taxi track compared with, high cornford company since no. 10851. Throughout the &; Yesterday morning, the SEC of chengdu taxi service to our reporter sent such a message, they through the GPS positioning, find a clue, the number 1085 taxi suspected with Matthew on 27th morning ping city ideal hotel from pear flower street to the provincial economic commission. Reporter dialed the telephone the rental car owners cao teacher. Cao teacher said: & other; You can take the owner to investigate, I fully cooperate with. Throughout the &;

the correspondents told the good news of Matthew, Matthew flat after listening to a sweeping, haze is very excited. At 10:30 in the morning, the reporter drove to the sichuan science and technology museum to meet Matthew, Paul peng wang ping, to high cornford company together.


do not tally with the driver meet confirm

after arrival, the reporter saw the teacher cao. The other is actively answer questions from Matthew flat. Then, Matthew flat line and technical personnel at the scene to help cut out the video, carefully identify the 27th morning between 8 PM and 10 PM, cao teacher a taxi passengers video cameras, confirm that there would be no Matthew, Paul peng wang ping.

in the end, after the day sitting in front of the taxi Paul peng wang’s repeated recognition, also not cao teacher’s car was finally determined. Wang Pengshui, & other; The driver in the car I have ever seen photos, not master cao. The driver is partial separately hairstyle, look around more than 30 years old. Throughout the &;


taxi jetta is not soar team

at 3 PM, the reporter accompanied Matthew flat to the surveillance video bureau command center of chengdu investigation, the incident and the emergence of a new transfer. Officer in led, obtain the video to the control room.

identify carefully after more than a hour, Matthew confirmed, 02 minutes 29 seconds at 9 in the day, they take a taxi from their city ideal hotel on the right side into the monitoring scope. Obviously, this is a soar team taxi, rather than the jetta car Matthew ping said before. & other; Taxi company’s name is two words that should be the panda LOGO, but the images it will take some time to make out. Throughout the &; Traffic management bureau of the professional staff told reporters.

– police say

narrowing the scope of investigation is preliminary already locked soar team rental

west China metropolis daily reporter learned that there are about 118 of chengdu taxi company, most of the taxi company’s name is two words. A total of more than 12000 taxis in the city, soar team card cab is about more than 4000. & other; Starting from the report, we got the six groups, separately to track down a taxi. Throughout the &; Chengdu city public security bureau officials said in an interview with reporters, & other; We will not give up any clues, now know that Mr. Ma they rode paid the fare only 8 yuan, then we will require all of chengdu taxi company, the 9 PM & ndash; This time, 9 PM to appear in the pear flower street near the door of the provincial economic commission, chairman MAO as taxi data, hand in all. One by one to troubleshoot, don’t pass a clue to find at an early date. Throughout the &;

reporter according to Mr Ma off time, specially the query from 9 PM records of all 5 to 9 PM. Is chairman MAO as the right sidewalk surveillance video shows that in the 5 minutes period, a total of 7 cars after tianfu square. Staff told reporters, the west China metropolis daily & other; The 7 cars, a total of 6 jetta car, a car soar team. Throughout the &; According to the public security bureau confirmed before soar team car, reporter locking the 06 minutes 17 seconds soar team car at 9 o ‘clock. & other; Is this car. Throughout the &; Paul peng wang, said & other; Thanks for west China metropolis daily reporter, thank you for your day to help us find the clues. Throughout the &;