Destiny letter was legendary Residents rushed to watch

yesterday, lost more than two days has been retrieved and destiny of the letter, finally held in sichuan science and technology museum & other; Throughout the china-north Korea art exhibition &; The first public appearance. The day there are hundreds of chengdu citizens attracts thousands, watch the letter a stop-start sealed the fate of the legend. It is understood that the & other; Throughout the china-north Korea art exhibition &; For public exhibition, will be free for chengdu people watched until September 1.

letter had forgotten on the taxi on China in the spring and autumn auction company boss Matthew flat, all day immersed in the joy of recovered, he told west China metropolis daily reporter, oneself moved to chengdu police integrity and responsibility, this morning will send to thank pennants.

exhibition site yesterday, one of the most popular before glass, many low head look carefully. The original is on display in the cases and just found the destiny of a book. Staff told reporters that the meal is at 9 am on displays. From morning till now, there are too many people to see the letter. & other; This is not said in the newspaper yesterday lost and destiny of the letter? Throughout the &; A woman of surprised after see the letter. Get the staff confirmed, she hurried out of the cell phone to take photos.

west China metropolis daily reporter what trainee journalist XunChao Yang Yongping