Destroyed much of the last supper existing oil painting is not by leonardo Da Vinci

of the woman hold silver sable

“the last supper,”

about Da Vinci the giants of Italian Renaissance art, people will naturally think of the “Mona Lisa”, such as “the last supper,” masterpiece.

includes the newly discovered “creator” of Da Vinci exhibition & other; The Painter at the Court of Milan” From November 9, 2011 to February 5, 2012 at London’s national gallery, the exhibition will bring a lot of da & middot; Vinci existing together, rare paintings, including the famous masterpiece “the Lady with an Ermine”.

although the Mona Lisa out of place in the show, but the exhibition are borrowed from other collection shows, never show in the UK. Display of the famous works include from st. Petersburg Amy target museum display & other Madonna Litta” And from the Louvre in Paris to lend exhibition & other La Belle Ferronnire” . The show will run from November 9, 2011 to February 5, 2012, held during a reservation will begin on Tuesday.

destroyed much of the last supper

as a representative of the European Renaissance period of Da Vinci well-read, is both a painter, at the same time enjoy the sculptor, inventors, scientists, musicians, such as title, many mysteries surrounding the Da Vinci seems to persist.

the Mona Lisa now, of the Louvre in Paris, France. The woman in the picture is true identity, academia and folk stories. Someone said, in a famous prostitute was Florence. Others say that she is & middot; Vinci’s mother. Others said, no prototype Mona Lisa, is combined with the characteristics of painter heart perfect ideal woman typical. Another view is that of & middot; Finch is a gay, the Mona Lisa is the female version of his self-portrait. American experts Lillian – using computer Schwartz, contrast the Mona Lisa and Da Vinci a self-portrait, find many similarities.

da & middot; Vinci in 1495 in Santa maria del – milan city, qi monastery walls painted the last supper. He put some risky experiment technology: using egg color pigment on a wet, plaster wall. This unconventional hybrid method, cannot be absorbed by the wall. Therefore, only a thin layer and wall paintings on the walls of his stick together, soon acrossed due to moisture loss. It is a masterpiece in terms of painting itself, but from the perspective of saving is a disaster, as the Leo – Stan’s art historians say: & other; Da Vinci’s the last supper, history of art is a great work, it is a pity that it doesn’t really exist. Throughout the &;

as early as in 1540, the work has been described & other Only half & throughout; A; The record of 1560, said most of its pigment has disappeared. 1568 calendar historian Paul wrote: & other; The mural has been completely destroyed. Throughout the &; In the next few centuries situation from bad to worse. A total of 19 people attempt after painting Da Vinci’s masterpiece, thick, paints and adhesives for the original completely dark. Painting painted again after 1954, photographer will painting down, this is the late 20th century the “last supper”, we see very few people know that all parts in the picture are almost not by Da Vinci.