Developing countries into the western drug firms range India 4 years died 1730 people (FIG.)

on January 29, 2008, Nigeria’s kano state court, parents and child victims of drug tests carried signs in protest.

the Indian girl Sally tower & middot; Library udumbara passed away in her 13 years old. Before he died, she was at school collective arrangements become & other; Human body throughout & mice; And forced take some test drug; Nigeria 14-year-old boy, he dreamed of becoming a soldier, but to try drugs destroyed his dreams & hellip; & hellip;

it is understood that India after a drug trial limit in 2005, more than Europe and the United States pharmaceutical factory in local clinical drug trial was carried out at least 1600 of the living, involved & other; Human body throughout & mice; More than 150000 people, four years into at least 1730 people were killed. In addition to India, Peru, Brazil, Poland, the developing countries such as Nigeria, has become a western pharmaceutical giants, development of new drugs and other Proving ground & throughout; .

Nigeria to try drugs destroyed boy dream

o 14-year-old boy in Nigeria, dream of becoming a soldier. & other; He walk wobbled, and his mouth drooling, how can you become a soldier? Throughout the &; , father mustafa know, o son of dream can never achieve, & other; Give ah, and several local medical doctor in the United States, with the evil of drugs. Throughout the &;

11 children reagent death

thriller movie “the constant gardener,” a multinational pharmaceutical company secrets in Africa for human testing, leads to a strange thriller.

for Nigeria’s kano state of the people, the plot in the movie does not seem to be divorced from the facts. In August last year, the American pharmaceutical giant Pfizer to Nigeria’s kano state 4 reagent family provides the first compensation & ndash; & ndash; Each family with $175000. After DNA has been proved that the four families of children death associated with reagent.

this is a continuous 15 years & other; War & throughout; . Kano state of drug trials in 1996. That year, kano state outbreaks of meningitis. Pfizer will fight meningitis drug ibuprofen for sick children. Some sick children’s parents said, did not know that their children will be sent to the reagent, but also nobody told them, ibuprofen had never tested in children. Finally, 200 children taken ibuprofen, 11 children dead, dozens of disabled children.

it was not until 2000 that the American media to expose the incident. Pfizer immediately responding to the report, said in a statement, & other; In Nigeria, ibuprofen drug test is an important clinical research, the company represents the pride of test & throughout; .

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than LeiJi Peru’s mother Diana and her son method.

government suing Pfizer

however, Pfizer’s statement did not reduce the anger from all walks of life in Nigeria. Although Pfizer said only 200 children take part in the reagent, but a total of 547 households prosecution.

the Nigerian media blamed Pfizer’s arrogance, accusing Pfizer & other; Lying & throughout; To the Nigerian children as & other; Mice & throughout; .

in 2007, northern Nigeria government official to Pfizer filed a $2 billion civil lawsuit.