Dialogue Chen: the artist is not a street artist fireworks (FIG.)

on December 24, 2011, zhejiang tongxiang wuzhen, Mr Chen in the wood heart memorial meeting.

wood heart can be familiar with domestic readers, Chen spare no effort to promote is an important reason. Chen in my master Mr. Wood heart said: & other; I write a book, my book, it is delusional to establish a little suspicious of popularity, to seduce you to read the book, Mr Wood heart one day. Throughout the &;

wood heart died, Chen in the eulogy ask: Mr. Wood heart often quoted a European man, & other; The general of art, in possession of a person. Throughout the &; He when the sentence. He added: & other; Love me the person, must be a love of art. Throughout the &; We stand here today, when can afford this sentence?

he is very high in the reader see

reporter: at first we don’t know tie heart, now know about writing some more, but Mr Paintings, music works, especially the latter will feel no channel to know. Why is that?

Chen: painting, wood heart in domestic exhibition and so far only published a picture book. If I were him I will not be published, this is a time too noisy, too many publications. Everyone has a hardcover album, or people in the art hurriedly made memorial tablet, or to make money, this is a very isolated the foul art scene. He won’t be gaps.

if you have enough sincerity, you look at in his paintings, you will see in this world may have complex and subtle.

music works, it is very regret of one thing. Mr Wood heart was very much hope to find toeing the students write down his music creation, until I contacted the student in an academy of music, Mr Has been in poor health lacked energy from the year before. So I’m sorry it didn’t make it.

I have heard of five or six capital is his hum it to me, is very good, is his own composition, various genres, symphony, symphonic poem, the way of national similar and sacred, cake-cutting ancient Chinese poems, his memory is very good, some music for 10 minutes, every melodies he remember, for the sake of what things, what a friend died, in which one spring afternoon he inductive music & hellip; & hellip; But he did not leave music. He can play the piano, his composition.

reporter: readers have polarised evaluation to him, what do you think of this cognitive differentiation?

Chen: Mr Is not the same as zhang ailing’s era, with The Times is different also, at that time, the whole audience level, the condition of the whole Chinese literature and art, with very different today; Group of mainstream intellectuals, writers and is very different today. Mr Wood heart from all we hear today, we heard of the name on the market, but he didn’t appear so late. Before he appeared for 60 years, our reading experience since 1949, has been reading completely filled. So when you read him, some of the people who are sensitive, without prejudice, studying in at once, the vast majority of people reading is what you know, reading experience will be a dislocation, this is Mr Interesting place.

reporter: a reader, said a lot of people do not know tie heart leave what mean.

Chen: well, that’s good, it will slowly. His value to the deeper, the greater the, shows that the longer the process. We have forgotten a lot of writers, today’s hottest writer I believe will soon be forgotten, he believed that time, he said I with you than patience.

reporter: you think Mr. Wood heart until his heart expectations of readers? We all think he is a very proud man, his pride might be underneath the surface, feel that not many people in the world can be worthy of him.

Chen: yes, he is one of the very high very proud people. He doesn’t compromise surrender. He was so late publishing his work in mainland China has a very simple reason, nobody will stick to this reason, he is not used simplified Chinese, this is a text of his position, is also one of his cultural standpoint.

writing, his life until 79, he published here. But Mr You don’t see the other side, like lu xun, lu xun everyone says he is a tough one, calm, angry people. But the big shots there must be another kind of like this. He is writing to you to look at, to see, of course he is eager to readers, eager to reading of cognition. But this desire is conditional, he should write his condition is very good, he is very high to the readers. It is not a secular terms, but I want to write well enough. He believe that someone will read his of sentient beings. It is not the best seller’s position, is not a writer to be famous. Is the literature with respect. In literature have respect people is respect for the reader.

reporter: many writers, like chencun teacher, also admire him, I heard that he must modify an article 7 times to & other; Don’t is ashamed to see & throughout; ?

Chen: and check for seven times? He has a position on each word, this is the position. Do you think he has mental cleanliness, because people don’t have the spirit of cleanliness. So do you think is very rare.

we today’s Chinese world is a mud, so dirty, no breeding. I don’t look at contemporary Chinese literature, I didn’t know that I met him, I can see the Chinese contemporary literature. This is supposed to contemporary Chinese literature. Good work many, many good novels, but that’s not good literature, that is not a good Chinese. I very much care about this, I met him before. I met him after I know well, we have such a writer.