Dialogue gong: my position is the “people’s musician”

“uneasy” let gong into overnight & other; Popular throughout the &; Singer.

one spring afternoon, in a dark bar, gong sullen and her husband Lao luo debugging instrument, is behind her home since the first concert & other; Freedom of a bird & throughout; Large posters. She just cried once, & other; Saw some young musicians too much fame and wealth, so care about their own photo is too big, I’m very sad. Throughout the &; Because & other; The divine comedy & throughout; “Uneasy”, from the age of five began to sing folk song gong, overnight than pop singer of the limelight. But on May 8, solo concert, gong chose a dozen first is the opposite of the “uneasy” style, she wants you to understand more space in her music, & other; Someone is willing to listen to, I’ll give you sing, that’s all. Throughout the &;

talk & other; The divine comedy & throughout; The uneasy, opens the imagination

the Beijing news: the recent half a year, where all sing “uneasy”, do you feel nothing?

gong: no. “Uneasy” space is very big, every time into the feeling of the song is different, every day the status of different, every time I sing is the state of at the moment in 3 sets of CCTV, for example I go up to sing in my pajamas, like a dream.

the Beijing news: do you have a lot of songs, why only “uneasy” special red?

gong: “uneasy” difficult to sing, but it is not deep; It has no lyrics, like pop music does not, give a person brand-new feeling; Also MinZuShi underneath it is Chinese, singing, so why not just listening to Chinese audiences, but want to learn to sing, this is because they have to open up their imagination. I feel “uneasy” to let people hear the direction of China’s new music.

the Beijing news: why do you other songs, such as “diu diu copper” and “the quiet night think” there is no this red?

gong: “diu diu copper” is a folk song, written not old gong.

the Beijing news: is it old gong, difference is very big?

gong: of course, the old gong is can rival with schubert musician. This is not I said, this is a very famous foreign critics say.

the Beijing news: what is the effect of his music career for you?

gong: old gong is the person who changed my life. Because of him, qualitative changes in my music, my nature, completely back to the soul and nature. He has written music, let me completely to the world of art.

the Beijing news: do you feel “uneasy” popular with China’s current status?

gong: I think there are relations. When I was a kid every family, rich have no money, now people to struggle between money and ideal. Everyone’s outlook on life and faith by a great deal of impact, this process of looking for a & other; Uneasy & throughout; , but also a lot of energy, because in China, there is a power forward. “Uneasy” represents the mentality of the Chinese people.