Dialogue, President of the United States “physician” : the White House doctor living in “dead zones”

although once to three when the President of the United States and other Physician & throughout; Experience is very scenery, but the job let Connie & middot; Maria is divorced.

and the President of the United States most of press close to, the longest time, and may not be their family, not their staff, nor their secretaries, but their doctor & ndash; & ndash; The White House doctor, they are called & other; The President’s shadow & throughout; .

Connie & middot; Maria, is a for 9 years in the White House doctor, served President George h. w. bush and George w. bush and Clinton three Filipino female officer. After retirement, she USES a book reveals their life in the White House, that she calls & other; The dead zone & throughout; In the life. She said: & other; As an officer in the White House work as in the battlefield.

a few days ago, our mail had an interview with the retirement of female in the White House doctor.

White House doctor is how tempered?

Beijing morning post: what kind of procedure is needed to become a White House doctor?

Connie: White House doctor is decided by the nomination. Candidates must obtain the American college of physicians, medical, and served in the us. Of military hospital director nomination to the pentagon, the army and then review each candidate’s background, including medical education background, certificates and awards received, good quality and behavior of soldiers. And family background of audit, mainly investigate may bring risk to the President’s life safety or potential criminal activities. After checking through the background, will take part in a military investigation team in Washington about the safety of the interview, the interview conducted by the President’s private doctors and the medical team.

Beijing morning post: as the White House after the doctor, is there any specific provision of taboo?

Connie: as the White House doctor, must be careful, don’t disorderly speak, can’t talk directly to the media about the President’s health personal problems, also can not talk at the White House in the treated anyone other health problems. If the media asked any questions about the President’s health, all get through contact director or President news department secretary, and only after approval of the President can reply.

Beijing morning post: there are media reports said you signed a confidentiality agreement, it’s true?

Connie: yes, this confidentiality agreement continues. So when I finished manuscript, I sent a to Clinton, he told me what he likes, what he does not like.

with politicians to learn & other; Contact & throughout;

Beijing morning post: doctors and outside the White House at the White House for what’s the difference?

Connie: the so-called White House doctor is assigned to the army of the White House, President, vice presidents and their families to provide care. Our work is 7 days a week, 24 hours on duty by turns, in response to sudden emergencies that may occur. We travel together with the President, vice President, and as long as the first lady to visit abroad, we will be accompanied. Also some outside the White House doctor as auxiliary, they may be a dermatologist or orthopedic surgeon, is often the hospital consultants, we will with them regularly on the President’s health problems. They don’t work in the White House, also provide salary by the army.

Beijing morning post: how to accompany with the White House dignitaries daily? How to deal with the relationship between doctors and patients?

Connie: as a doctor, to focus on the job as a doctor, not a political adviser. We are going to learn & other; Contact & throughout; , but in the President’s injury or sudden illness occurs and together with them. Other cases, we all stayed there quietly. We need to learn to use the least amount of medical resources to effectively treat patients. Before the President’s trip, we will be in a nearby hospital medical preparation, once the President appeared incident, we can be prepared in the hospital for treatment.

the President of the United States is easy to catch a cold, arthritis

Beijing morning news: as the White House doctor, treatment is needed for who?

Connie: our nursing object is the President and first lady, and their children, we also need to vice President and a service. In addition, we had to take care of all the secret military personnel, service personnel and all staff at the White House. When the President visited, we have to take care of all the staff. But our primary service object is the President.

Beijing morning post: have you take care of before and after three presidents, what’s the difference between them?

Connie: I have a year’s time, with bush and George w. bush spent six months. When the transition from service bush to Clinton, I feel from taking care of his father to take care of his brother. Bush seldom late, generally will stay at home at night, so that he can predict the condition of the. But by the Clinton will happen very big change, he is always running around, this will force the White House medical team needs to change.

Beijing morning post: the President most often get what disease?

Connie: studies have demonstrated that when a person is under stress for a long time, white blood cells within the body can’t work normally, resistance to drop, are more likely to suffer from colds, arthritis. When comparing before and after pictures of them when the President, will find that they are getting old. The continuous high pressure so that they can’t sleep, poor spirit. The White House medical funds out of the army, doctors are paid in the army. The President sees a doctor don’t have to spend money, the White House medical costs millions of dollars a year.

White House work let me experience the divorce

Beijing morning post: White House work affect your life?

Connie: I went through a divorce, the White House, the doctor’s work really affected my marriage. In the Clinton presidency before 3 years, I all year round in the outside, even if I’m at home, always call the White House confirmed that the President is also normal.

Beijing morning post: if there are some things to embarrass you, but I have to do? Like provide samples from Clinton?

Connie: I feel very embarrassed. In the monica lewinsky event occurs, Clinton’s lawyer said to me & other; I’m sorry, but you have to do so. We get the order, as the White House doctor, you have to take the President’s blood sample & throughout; . At that time I feel Clinton is being set up, but this is a command, I must obey. The morning paper reporter Zhou Huaizong

Connie & middot; Maria’s voice:

don’t want to go back to the White House, want to enjoy life

I remember when we went to the Philippines, my parents are from there. We sat in the luxury car, when through the streets of Manila, I can see very poor people, they waved and want to touch. I think I’m lucky to have this job, if not, I will probably be one of those people standing outside the car.

sometimes really want to, but I’m too old already. This work will make you lose yourself, you are always in travel, no family life. Although have very high honor, but there are other more energy than me. The other side, of course, I also think: it’s time to move on and enjoy life, nine years in the White House doctor is enough.