Director pang ho-cheung, film dubbing in Chinese version is not the original good sell now


in the viral marketing is still in the primary stage of Chinese film industry,” chun jiao and zhi Ming accidentally certainly contributes to the ascension of box office, the people of the whole country with a variety of accents in movies before a spoof. The Beijing news drawings/Wei Dongjie

throughout the chanting & other; Virus & throughout; Circle, everyone is looking forward to good ideas from the sky, hit out without this in the package of good business. It’s a pity that & other; By luck & throughout; The & other; Vanguard & throughout; The few successful cases, while Hong Kong genius director pang ho-cheung once & other; Accidentally & throughout; , is a film industry & other; Evil & throughout; Standard teaching materials & ndash; & ndash; Two months ago, disagreed with article sent weibo, & other; Mild & throughout; In dialect called on fans for his new film ‘chun jiao and zhi Ming the trailer dubbing, the netizens are scrambling to churn out more than 30 different versions, a variety of accents, playing the viewers to theaters. On March 30th, the starring shawn yue, Miriam yeung, Yang mi, Xu Zheng youth romance is released across the country, and pang through this emotional reminded the audience: you kiss, remember must watch the cantonese version! This edition is to write/our reporter NiuMeng

the biggest goal to protect dialects

& other; There are some things that don’t have to be a late finish & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; This made countless introduction is more dialogue, from pang ho-cheung 2010 reputation “from jiao”. Pang said, “from jiao” in Hong Kong for a long time before landing in mainland, at that time, the mainland has pirated, coupled with the film in the mainland’s propaganda is not large, so the chi from box office doesn’t grab an eye. For the 56-point thrashing sequel “chun jiao and zhi Ming, pang hope at high: & other; This is my first time filming in mainland China, is also my work in the mainland for the first time large-scale general release, I care about the result & throughout; .

the way of word of mouth, “chun jiao and zhi Ming is without a doubt this season most people suspense love story. And in this coming spring, & other; Care about scores & throughout; Pang and start & other; Go through the pattern & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; On January 9, pang ho-cheung hung a tweet (thereafter pang ho-cheung virgo obsessive-compulsive disorder, and deleted), said: & other; The long-awaited, no dialogue forecast edition has finally come out. You can download from here, according to the dialogue with your original dialect, and then in & lsquo; Dialect have a love of “chun jiao and zhi Ming & rsquo; What kind of dialect is your version, I’ll let everyone vote to re-post. Who deserves the most interesting spirit alike, to send their tickets for the premiere of the mainland let them and Miriam yeung, shawn yue, Yang mi, Xu Zheng watching the premiere. Throughout the &;

pang raised a period of 1 minute 20 seconds long trailer, soundtrack and subtitles is ready, but there is no line of dialogue, Internet users can add their own dialect in the film dubbing directly. Pang ho-cheung explain their & other; Close creative & throughout; : & other; Before I have seen a lot of netizens (spoof) film dubbing, very interesting, but the raw voice is too loud, and netizens voice acting together, can not hear you clearly, the punchline is not come, so I got a special version without dialogue, to encourage users to play & throughout; .

& other; Dialects have love & throughout; Action is issued, pang, more than 150 weibo fans immediately stirring, less than two months time, all Internet users around the sichuan, shaanxi, hubei, northeast China, wuhan, changsha, wenzhou, chengdu, as well as Singapore, French 30 many kinds of dialect version, all sorts of interesting video circulated on the Internet and attracted the attention of a large number of fans and media.

a lot of people praise pang ho-cheung this skill & other; Viral marketing & throughout; Come, not to spend a penny, the propaganda effect. And pang to emphasise their biggest goal is to protect the dialect: & other; I sincerely said, not just for the sake of publicity, I think dialect is interesting and valuable, should exist and spread. Throughout the &;