Director zhang yuan: often and cruel youth together


on June 14, zhang yuan in sanlitun studio made his film” a “documentary, he spent the whole afternoon. His young friends here to find him from time to time, but finally always kicked the door to come in is called & other; Fart pile & throughout; The little dog. Dog is shooted ms li, she plays a rock singer in “a”. In life, she is another identity zhang yuan’s girlfriend.

to Beijing since 1985, zhang yuan here also experienced a very exciting youth. According to his own, came a & other; Good & throughout; Young man, don’t smoke or drink. A few years later, he used the film way to record the city just some bar culture, rock music, and then affect a whole generation of those & other Culture hero & throughout; & ndash; Cui jian, dou wei, tianshuo zang, etc, the film is “Beijing bastard”.

nearly 20 years later, he again to & other; After the 80 & throughout; Life as the background, the movie & other; Hybrid & throughout; The sequel to “a”. When it comes to two generations of youth in common, zhang yuan regrets ground say: is cruel.

& other; Cruel youth throughout the &; Has been to zhang yuan film one of the most important element.

from the eighty s and 1960 s, the cruel youth in what place? Zhang yuan, said & other; From the age of eighteen to thirty such a process is very difficult. First away from parents, start a new life, study, work and build your own life, is also the most vigorous period hormones. In the face of society, from the family, for everyone is very difficult, this period of time in one’s life long will feel very slow. Therefore, often and cruel youth together, in fact is not a simple melodramatic. Throughout the &;

when it comes to foreign customers & other Cruel youth throughout the &; Such subject director, zhang yuan counted Danny Boyle, pedro Almodovar, quentin tarantino, and made the stock and two smoking barrels “Madonna’s former husband guy Ritchie’s name. & other; They prefer to use a form of exaggeration and absurdity, & throughout; Zhang yuan said. He has to & other; Nonfiction & throughout; Way to use the camera directly record society, bring some of those familiar friends or social & other Marginal man & throughout; Directly involved in his movies. Such as the “a” in the exhibition show those faces: ms li non-success, once said that after the cosmetic & other; A lifetime no one loved me, I also not love others & throughout; QinYuKe, Johnny, Wang Yunfeng, etc.

to some extent, it is difficult to Paris and Beijing than

time weekly: as a director, you are 17 years apart of the two films have what kind of feeling? Taken in “Beijing bastard”, you are all friends, record their state. Take “a”, to think that you can understand this generation?

zhang yuan: remember the film “Beijing bastards” no script, only a few pages of the outline of the paper. Cui jian, dou wei, as well as the danian tang, tianshuo zang and liu xiaodong, sometimes put these people together does not require much more special concrete story, can be directly to photograph them. Also scattered point was taken way, sometimes put them together to drink, inside the alley, including their rehearsal space. Today to take “a”, to do this generation of young people’s interview, although I have some young friends, I will find, deep inside, my feelings is blended in among them at that time. Sometimes feel even I can blend in among them, but there are not the same place. But today for me, I need to bring some love and compassion to do this work well.

time weekly: from “Beijing bastard” to “a”, you are in Beijing as the background, do you think what changes have taken place in Beijing during this period?

zhang yuan: a lot of people crowded into big cities to today, we take a “a” including all of the people, the majority is the so-called outsiders. In past years, we also said such a group of people & other; Throughout north bleaching &; , there is no adjectives to describe them, they live here, think oneself is from Beijing. In fact in New York, Paris, or many cities, I like to why not say other cities & other; Bleaching & throughout; .

this is “a” in young people, their generation is more than we have a gas, they are not easily turned the city into & other; Throughout my &; .

time weekly: like Shanghai, shenzhen also has a lot of young people, why not choose these cities?

zhang yuan: I am familiar with Beijing. In the mid – 1980 – I was in the film academy school, every day carrying a camera in Beijing hutong, wandering the streets, to see all the areas of Beijing. I live in the suburbs, and into the Beijing as the city. Many I familiar place then were my record in the camera, but a few years they disappeared. I took the first movie “mother” site into the building, now lived small courtyard house down early.

today, I and my art choose a scene for “a”, a lot of places I don’t recognize it.

time weekly: these changes on what touches you? Your life is hard to understand many things happened.

zhang yuan: this is what the consequences of a city to bring a person, a city will change people, but also always has its regional inclusive city. Today’s young people in a city to change at the same time, are also constantly inject fresh blood. To some extent, can Beijing and New York, Paris has been difficult to Beijing than to a certain extent.

cui jian also don’t know go to where

time weekly: what do you think & other; After the 80 & throughout; What & other; There’s a & throughout; In what place? Generation and you angry?

zhang yuan: do you think cui jian, dou wei mentally, art has a high position, in fact not the case. At that time to some extent, rock and roll, don’t be giving only sang “nothing”, cui jian red. They chose the rock ‘n’ roll, shout out their anger through this way. Today young people’s anger is in the mind, they are on the way to pursue some do not reach the desire of the more resilience.

they progress than we had a lot of, more tolerant, has deeper understanding to the society, I particularly admire them that kind of gas. Let me the most sad thing is, of course, at first thought they were living a happy life, I didn’t think they are more pain. Many only child living in a broken family, for example, than we were difficult to find a way out.

time weekly: han han, guo jingming & other; After the 80 & throughout; Also is to have the characteristics of it? Why didn’t let them involved in the film?

zhang yuan: oh, why didn’t expect to make han han and guo jingming to play? Actually can. At that time, I do show them to tell their stories, especially has the ability to put his own life, beauty, this itself is very impressed me.

but also a little bit, I hope, to some extent, I prefer to be those who don’t have a job, the edge of the armrest process alive to participate in the “a”, the spirit of these people deserves attention, hope to understand their society. I like the oe says a word, & other; It is the edge of one’s character, being in shape, the construction, become the temperament of The Times. Throughout the &;

time weekly, and than abroad, do you think of our youth main & other; Cruel & other; In what place? What kind of relationship and the era have?

zhang yuan: in this era of increasingly global assimilation, no one will have another kind of youth.

we are the generation was not sure what influence, then just reform and opening up, just graduated from university, a bunch of people have ideal but not sure the direction. Drink, play rock ‘n’ roll in the alley, although cui jian, singing & other; Forward against the wind & throughout; , in fact also don’t know where to move forward. Today in the term “a”, I think today’s young people also can not find the direction, some people work for more than twenty, exactly what to do, to achieve something, to some extent, also can’t find it.

don’t treat me as a bad man

time weekly: your film is to witness the changes of 20 years in China, what are your views on the society?

zhang yuan: my first movie “mother”, when he won the prize in a foreign country when I hear people say that I am & other; Independent film & throughout; The director was especially afraid of. Now, the system of independent films also became normal production system. I shot the east nishinomiya, is China’s first gay films, and now, we finally realize the homosexual feelings and what we call a normal heterosexual feelings have the same value, this is the progress of the society,

my heart is a pessimist. I’m not a moral models, I think it’s not a real good and bad, the understanding of the society, also not really perfect. I have to do it is to have the characteristics of art itself, powerful, have their own point of view. In my eyes is not high, low, at this point I look very pale.

time weekly: what do you think of the film market condition today? What do you think of film classification time be far behind?

zhang yuan: it’s a lot better. The audience is more than the original demand on movie, a lot of people have less and less nightclubs, karaoke, willing to walk into the cinema to see a movie. Again a few years, the county, district, such as cinema, coupled with the film classification, the market is always better. Plenty of Chinese people.

the film must be graded, regardless of their development can’t do. Adults don’t need to watch a movie together with children, not fair for him. Adults of sex and violence itself has the ability to judge right and wrong, and children have no this ability, at this point and unfair to the child.

time weekly: do you think you are a kind person? American time magazine you elected as & other; In the 21st century the world hundreds of young leaders & throughout; One of, what do you think what does this mean for China’s young people?

zhang yuan: I think I am. Who wants to give me a title, it doesn’t matter to me. The Vatican also awarded to Robert bryson prize, I think I have a contribution for human morality is. Someone put me as independent film director, director, also some people think I am a drug addicts. This is not important, important is young people what you want to do, don’t follow me, in fact don’t treat me like a bad man.