Disclosure: leonardo Da Vinci and his love for the story of the Mona Lisa

French stamp issued by Da Vinci melaka.

melaka France issued by Da Vinci stamps.

leonardo Da Vinci (1452 & ndash; 1519) was an Italian Renaissance art masters, he accomplished in painting as well as on the natural scientific research achievement is recognized as the first five hundred years.

in 1513, leonardo Da Vinci painting from milan, Italy moved to Rome as the Pope, but at that time seems to be more popular with the Pope, Raphael and Michelangelo, however, the king of France, regards leonardo Da Vinci, he tried to put leonardo Da Vinci from Italy to France and in the cloth gas manor, after spend heavily to buy the “Mona Lisa” and hung in the bedroom, then by the government in the Louvre.

in France in 1952 to commemorate the birth of leonardo Da Vinci was published in 500, the one with pictures of the stamp, postal service with a maximum. This melaka is extremely rare, melaka the postcard is not ordinary card portrait painter, design of leonardo Da Vinci’s proudest student Francisco & middot; Merz teacher a dismal later in life experience, the painting itself is difficult to see, is impossible to a willing heart into melaka is a rare thing in the world. Picture reflects in 1515, leonardo Da Vinci with the most beloved masterpiece “Mona Lisa”, sit to the French king Francis I sent the carriage came to Paris, France and warmly welcome the arrival of the master of art, but leonardo Da Vinci’s facial expression is displaced bitterness, the carriage on the “Mona Lisa” particularly conspicuous.

about the Mona Lisa, for hundreds of years legend. This picture is arguably one of the most outstanding art in human history is also the author’s most beloved baby, subject is a banker’s wife, Florence, leonardo Da Vinci entrusted by bankers fondle admiringly after finish painting, has repeatedly to to change the name would not return, would end a run it as his own.

issued stamps on the Mona Lisa have the multinational, the first “Mona Lisa” stamp is issued in 1952 in Germany, France is the picture of all the countries issued stamps, it is strange that Italy is not yet issued the stamp of the painting, which maybe appearing in Italy for generations in this heart knot. Mali in 1969 issued the stamp of the painting, the Mona Lisa stamp of art history as a historical truth. Leonardo Da Vinci created the time of the painting is around 1500, the last century, the Mona Lisa was stolen, unexpectedly, because this development by the thief cannot process and will be sent back painting, experts discovered four hundred years ago in the damaged frame of the original painting is not the color of the oxide, through technical processing recovered what the Mona Lisa, Mali stamps picture is the colour of science and technology after his recovery, all show in front of the Mona Lisa is the printing after the original film, the original has also is after four hundred years of oxidation and color distortion, coupled with the work done on the surface of protective measures, the author, and later experts daub processing have been carried out to the picture, may now can only see from the stamp when the original true color.

Da Vinci talent is extremely high, but the identity of an illegitimate child affected his life, he had no children, never married, too. His late life, all the manuscript and works to the students themselves proud merz, the student to the teacher’s relics and pour into the painstaking care, he completed the teacher manuscript finishing work, also for the teacher draws a large number of portraits, didn’t let the teacher down. Leonardo Da Vinci is final in to see him in the arms of the king of France shut up eyes. IfengLogo (hong-yuan li)