“Dissatisfied” guo han weibo fans break 2 million no attention

data figure: han han. New SheFa Zhao Zhenqing taken

writer han han back to weibo, caused the people onlookers, the most popular way to pay attention to what people, netizens found that his concern with guo, but it has no reaction, guo and han han to bear this time, actually in weibo complain that guo didn’t pay attention to him.

han, since open weibo fans number has reached 2 million, and han also focus on 279, yesterday, the reporter sees, in addition to his friend, Mr. Lu and father Han Ren, there are a large number of celebrities add V, which is the same as the writer guo jingming after 80. Han on April 5, wrote a tweet “to each his”, called & other; A clam master & throughout; Netizen forwarding and pointed out that this message is addressed to guo’s, but did not pay attention to han han, guo jingming & other; Though you have never met, and I hope you (guo) to accept him, to be able to pay attention to him. Throughout the &; In weibo issued an hour later, the han in the netizens quickly leave messages in weibo: & other; He didn’t pay attention to my & throughout; , at the same time also send a poor expression in tears.

yesterday, the net friend & other; Small four genuflect is begged attention han & throughout; Become the microblogging hot topic, author November and shen Ying Ying also leave a message after the weibo onlookers. Reporters yesterday in chengdu commercial daily guo weibo, found that he did not focus on han.

The relationship between the

and guo jingming han has been discussed by netizens, in & other; Party & Korea controversy throughout; Period, han han said if the world only fang and guo, he is willing to choose to live and guo jingming. But guo not long ago a media interview for han han action.