Documentary drama jie “rocket” mystery: 20 corps mysteriously disappeared

documentary drama CCTV prime-time on October 6, a set of air

“the fate of the nation” uncover & other; Hydrogen bombs throughout the &; Mystery

location was proving ground the Soviet union experts in dunhuang

a lot of audience, all understand that Chinese atomic bomb testing ground in lop nur were systematically stud Ed but little known is that as early as the proving ground of the Soviet union experts selected was in dunhuang. Later, China’s first nuclear test base commander Zhang Yunyu on-the-spot investigation, found that the Soviet union experts use map of dunhuang is wrong, the map of several river, 100 years ago have dried up. Dunhuang and the soil is too loose, high altitude wind and wave to the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River, test will affect the life on the mainland of the people. Wider range being too close to the mogao grottoes, only 130 kilometers. Zhang Yunyu is a RuJiang, likes to write poetry, made a special trip to the mogao grottoes. He atmosphere all dare not out before the mogao grottoes murals, lest of the mouth to breathe can destroy the ancestors left to baby. Listened to Zhang Yunyu report, finally decided to give up in dunhuang, and redefines the lop nur. After years of talk about this matter, Zhang Yunyu also feel terror, had listened to the Soviet union experts, the atomic bomb will definitely ruin the dunhuang this great world cultural heritage.

why volunteer corps 20 mysterious disappearance

there was a big mystery in the history of Chinese holmes & ndash; & ndash; Volunteers 20 corps had mysteriously disappeared. According to the Korean armistice agreement at that time, volunteers 20th regiment had been stationed in Korea. The winter of 1958, without any warning, 20 corps disappeared overnight, this caused American troops on high alert. I can’t find any signs of 20 corps in north Korea, not only in China for 20 corps no news. In fact, at that time, 20 corps soldiers are sitting in the stuffy tank train, all the way to the west. All people don’t know the train destination, the sign at the station are covered with grass curtain. Officers and men only according to the change of the sunlight, guess the train is in the west. Destination is finally arrived, the endless desert. 20 regiment’s mission is to railways, airports in the desert, and as for why, I don’t know, don’t ask. Until two years later, they knew they were in a place called mesozoic-cenozoic, they is building China’s first missile launch site.

mei lanfang ulanova performance delays in the opening

on September 28, 1959, Khrushchev’s visit to the United States, please tell China’s leaders, Khrushchev hope to release of eight American prisoners of war, he readily promised. On September 29, Khrushchev direct flights to Beijing, from the United States to participate in the 10th anniversary of the republic of. That night and held talks. Because the Taiwan issue, MAO zedong thought Khrushchev to interfere in China’s internal affairs, the two sides is tense. Khrushchev for Eisenhower again later to tell hope to release the prisoners of war, MAO zedong answer: & other; You can’t make the decision for China! Throughout the &; Khrushchev threatened to withdraw including & other; Two & throughout; Of the Soviet union experts, talks collapsed. The next day the National Day ceremony, before review troops, MAO zedong and Khrushchev in rest of the interior, Khrushchev mentioned again, releasing the captive, MAO zedong took the table at that time, & other; We don’t need a teacher secretary! Don’t need a baton! Throughout the &;

on October 2, 1959, MAO zedong’s talks with Khrushchev again, isn’t over until the evening. To attend the celebration and other leaders of the socialist countries. To entertain guests, China arranged two party, Peking Opera is a HuaiRenTang party by mei lanfang performing the spearhead of the lady takes command, another was the minister of the ministry of culture and dance party, by the Soviet union famous dancer ulanova swan lake. Because MAO zedong, Khrushchev is still in talks, not sure which party, two people watching two performances all dare not start, so good disguise of mei lanfang, ulanova had to wait there.

in the MAO zedong and nikita Khrushchev of the talks, he clearly put forward that the Soviet union is not able to help China, soon to tear up all contracts, withdrawal of all scientists working in China. That night, MAO zedong and Khrushchev didn’t go to see the performance, at the end of the meeting are quarrelling about American prisoners, he picked up his hat stood up and said to MAO zedong, & other If you have money, you’ll get them! Throughout the &; This is last meeting with MAO zedong Khrushchev.

5 years later, on October 16, 1964, China successfully exploded its first atomic bomb, Khrushchev to step down. MAO zedong said: & other; China’s atomic bomb succeeded, Khrushchev’s credit, he removed the expert, drove us on liangshan, we should send him a medal for a ton of weight. Throughout the &;

tens of thousands of farmers in shandong, henan and other The evaporation & throughout;

at the beginning of China’s missile and nuclear weapons test bases, two bases life difficult, and is located in the gobi desert, there is no society, daily necessities these most basic necessities of life are unable to guarantee. In early 1960, forces from henan, shandong and other secret to recruit a large number of skilled farmers to marry two bases. Among them there are do vinegar, soy sauce, vermicelli, tofu, shoes, car, cattle, sheep and pigs, vegetables and so on all walks of life. Forces by the local government, secret looking for candidates for strict politics careful investigation. These people strictly abide by the & other; Don’t tell their parents, not to his wife and children & throughout; Regulation, but they also do not know where you’re going to do. The farmers there were about ten thousand people. Overnight, so many farmers from their land, several generations of life quietly left. You know, this is not an army in secret, but more than Chinese farmers, voluntary secret migration. Yet many second and third generation also live there.

& other; Throughout the east &; Satellite was prepared to air self-destruct

the first China & other; Throughout the east &; Satellite, there is a special request, three standards and nine words: good time, see and hear. According to the scheduled flight path, & other; Throughout the east &; Satellite passes through Pakistan, yemen, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia and other third world countries, the capital of zhou enlai instructions and technical personnel, and other Satellite flew the capitals of the time must carry on the forecast, reported accurately, to make foreign friends can see our satellite, on time to hear our satellite broadcast music, this to the third world people must be a great encouragement. Throughout the &; Through a series of experiments, three requirements can be achieved. But because of playing music, complicating the problem. & other; Throughout the east &; Satellites, the music of the most suitable, of course, is “the east is red”, but one thousand satellite fell down, hit on the ground, even in hostile countries land? Technology became political problems. Then someone put self-destruct system on satellite is put forward. Missile jacket self-destruct system is normal, satellite jacket self-destruct system than ever before.

zhou enlai chief designer xin-min ren rocket advice, xin-min ren said: & other; If the satellite signal interference in the air, self-destruction system and is very sensitive, to start the mistakenly possibility is very large. Throughout the &; Zhou enlai said: & other; You don’t believe? Throughout the &; Xin-min ren said: & other; As in a room to put a time bomb, will explode at any time, what are the benefits of people in this room? Throughout the &; But some people still hold different opinion, fear of political responsibility. After MAO zedong know said: & other; It’s not good, don’t pack, listen to the technical personnel. Throughout the &; An argument to an end, & other; Throughout the east &; Satellite lightly, “dongfanghong” music, spread to the rest of the world from space.